C. Devin Hastings Articles - Table of Contents
  • "A New Health Tool for Diabetes: Hypnosis"  by C Devin Hastings
    The purpose of this article is to present compelling evidence for why hypnosis is an up and coming new health tool for those with diabetes.. September 2008
  • "Diabetes, Depression and Hypnosis"  by C. Devin Hastings
    Diabetes and Depression is an often overlooked connection. This intimate relationship and the role hypnosis plays in the cause and cure of depression is explored in this article.. December 2005
  • "Releasing Resentment--Begin Taking Back Your Life Now!"  by C. Devin Hastings
    The purpose of the article is to help you to free yourself to some degree, from the poison of resentment. This is a significant challenge for many because resentment is a strong emotion that becomes addictive and for some, resentment may be part of a person’s depression.. April 2005