Drawing the Circle Productions Inc. Articles - Table of Contents
  • "The Importance of Emotional Healing"  by Mark A. Lyons
    As we get closer to Winter Solstice the days will deepen, as will our tendency to want to withdraw into ourselves, as previously unexpressed feelings begin to emerge. This is the time of year when we most process the subconscious mind & hopefully clear out what no longer serves us.. December 2004
  • "Re:Mark – Paradise"  by Mark A. Lyons
    I have been a “Student of Paradise” for most of this life. I was always fascinated by the concept & those associated with it, like Heaven, Utopia & Nirvana. I read the legends, like so many of us & visualized many a parallel reality where things really were better. Somewhere there had to be a place where heaven met earth. I dedicated my life to manifesting that idea. There have been many along on this mission with me. I do believe that on the deepest soul level all of us are on the heaven on earth mission.. December 2004
  • "Re:Mark - Atlantis also Rises"  by Mark A. Lyons
    My Trip to Paradise & the healing that happened there. Ok, there's a lot about sex in there too, but hey, I was on vacation.. December 2004
  • "Re:Mark – Halloween & Samhain"  by Rev. Mark A. Lyons. Prez.
    Re:Mark – Halloween & Samhain. November 2004
  • "Re:Mark – Death & The Ancestors"  by Rev. Mark A. Lyons
    Re:Mark – Death & The Ancestors. November 2004
  • "Re:Mark - August 2, 2004 -Lammas & Sacrifice"  by
    Mark A. Lyons. September 2004
  • "Re: Mark - Ahimsa"  by
    Mark A. Lyons. September 2004
  • "Re: Mark - Mabon / Autumnal Equinox 2004"  by
    Mark A. Lyons. September 2004