BioAg- Humic Solutions for Life Articles - Table of Contents
  • "Wujinsan™ is the traditional tonic form of fulvic acids"  by Robert H. Faust
    The amazing "wujinsan™" story or why all "fulvic acids" are not the same and the work done in China to prove the value of this ancient medicine.. February 2006
  • "Bio Dynamic approach to living soil as a key to ecosystem health"  by Robert h. Faust
    soil microbial activation is the key to maintaining crop yeild with the lowest input energy cost and the highest quality output. The key being the activity of the soil food web which can be monitored now and increased with modern biodynamic perperations developed by Robert Faust for the BioAg Corporation . February 2006
  • "Best Fulvic Is Wujinsan"  by Robert. H Faust
    Humic substances benefit health but the truth can not be told in the U.S due to control by the drug industry and FDA. A safe effective traditional product can be sold as a herbal supplement but the truth of it's benefits can not advertised..