EarthThunder Articles - Table of Contents
  • "Sunrise and Sunset 1-10 to 2-6 2015"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Outdoor rituals for each day of the Moon Calendar.. January 2015
  • "Sunrise and Sunset Ritual 5-2/5-29 2014"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Awakening day and closing day. One life, one day at a time.. April 2014
  • "Sunrise and Sunset Daily Ritual 8-23 to 9-19 2012"  by EarthThunder
    To Thrive is to open your day in reverence and availability. As well as walk your day as Enough then close the Day to sleep and purge. This Daily Ritual is calibrated to Moon Cycles.. August 2012
  • "Do NOT Spank your child"  by EarthThunder
    Spanking doesn't work. There are so many ways to discipline and guide your child that promote trust in both of you.. August 2012
  • "Sunrise and Sunset Daily Ritual 5-30 to 6-26, 2012"  by EarthThunder
    The Ritual follows the 13 Month Moon Calendar. Each 28 days the energies and focus shift. This Ritual gives you a way to awaken every day and close the day.. June 2012
  • "Conscious Relationships"  by EarthThunder
    Women have choices. Do you flood your mind with expectations? or Do you seek your empowerment?. June 2012
  • "Family Clans Teaching"  by EarthThunder
    Nature is the wholeness of Wisdom. How do we listen and interpret their Teaching?. June 2012
  • "Shaman Way Teaching and Healing"  by EarthThunder
    Dialogue about the importance of Shaman Way as well as the barriers in society today.. January 2012
  • "Sunrise and Sunset Daily Ritual"  by EarthThunder
    Healing and Teaching needs to be repetitive for depth and movement. This daily Ritual awakes your day and closes your day. One life, one day at a time.. January 2012
  • "Weddings - Alternative"  by EarthThunder
    Weave your commitments with GrandMother Earth and her families. A Wedding is not a production rather the Portal to many Journeys of your commitments.. January 2011
  • "Winter SunRise and SunSet Ritual"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Humans are the only species who forget. Rituals are an amazing way to remember and re-pattern.. November 2010
  • "Glossary of Understanding of Language"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Words are words, language is Wind revealing and moving. Over time earthbased verbal focus has changed. This Glossary guides how to be honoring and available by the tones/guidance of words.. June 2010
  • "RITUAL for SunRise and SunSet for 5/30 - 6/26"  by BeLoved TASOM
    13 Month Moon Calendar and the Teachings of the Shaman Way Medicine Wheel are included as doable.. June 2010
  • "Truth and Trust"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Instead of so much effort to find Truth or who to Trust, we suggest another Journey.. February 2010
  • "2012 'Many Ways'"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Prophecy is one of many, many tools for humans to add to their garden of food, choices, decisions, actions and consequences. Is all of the information about 2012 taking over your entire garden?. January 2010
  • "Dialogue about choosing your Spiritual Authority"  by EarthThunder
    This is a dialogue between myself and a friend. Investment, faith, devotion and commitment are important daily health instincts to be nurtured in human beings. Therefore, an adult human is guided to consider dialogue of what, why, where, questions, notions, etc...a Spiritual Authority, Spirituality or Religions might be for them.. January 2010
  • "SunRise and SunSet Ritual for February-March of 2010"  by BeLoved TASOM
    We are learning from the 13 Moon Calendar. Their Teachings and GrandMother Earth and her families are essential skills for humans.. January 2010
  • "Puberty"  by EarthThunder
    Age 11-17 our young adults invest in dimensions of insanity for the purpose of cutting the cords to their primary adults. The outcome is a savings account for their own LifeWork as an adult. Rather than a lifetime of being someones daughter or son.. January 2010
  • "Trust in Mysteries? Walking with Water"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Is the possibility of clean water for our future impossible? If so what else do we do?. January 2010
  • "SunRise and SunSet Ritual"  by EarthThunder
    Daily Ritual is a repetitive way to awaken organic self. As well as join GrandMother Earth and her families.. January 2010
  • "Permission and Birthright"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Discerning how to honor the teachings from our natural families. Understanding some questions may never be answered.. November 2009
  • "Forgiveness"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Many notions of Forgiveness Earthbased questions to seek teaching. October 2009
  • "Original Identity"  by EARTHTHUNDER
    Love helps, education helps, family helps...I suggest what must come first is the foundation of original identity. We retrieve your original identity. . September 2009
  • "Fear, Flu Epidemics, Activism"  by EarthThunder
    Notions about fear, internet lies, activism and balanced thriving.. September 2009
  • "2009 Fall-Autumnal Equinox SUNRISE AND SUNSET RITUAL"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Repetitive Ritual beginning at SunRise (between 4am-11am) and SunSet Ritual. Humans daily alignment with GrandMother Earth and her families.. September 2009
  • "2009 Spring SUNRISE AND SUNSET RITUAL"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Daily Ritual each SunRise and each SunSet. Repetition is the answer to tolerance and simplicity. Clarity and focus.. March 2009
    In our body are 13 Emotion bodies or Portals. Each Emotion body/Portal opens to GrandMother Earth and her families. Thus our movement or resistance.. March 2009
  • "FOOD is our First Relationship"  by EarthThunder
    Pain is our ally. Hunger is our seeking. Gathering is our womb. Hunting is our territorialism.. February 2009
  • "Shaman Way Natural Medicine Wheels"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Idaho is abundant as natural Medicine Wheels. Our peoples are privileged to learn and serve from these Ancestral StonePeoples. We present a discussion of Storytelling and Symbolism.. February 2009
  • "Womyns Elder Shimmering"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Rite of Passage from adult woman to entering womyns elder circles.. January 2009
  • "Life Story and Philosophy of EarthThunder as told to John R. Selig"  by John R. Selig, Patricia Nell Warren, EarthThunder and Rodolfo
    Series of 4 Podcasts available by going to and click 'Podcast'. . January 2009
  • "STOP using PLASTIC and FOAM containers - please, please"  by EarthThunder
    Every piece of fish, meat and fowl has tiny bits of plastic we threw away in their flesh...we are eating what we didn't dispose of correctly...oops, there is not a way to dispose of plastics and foam containers!!!. January 2009
  • "Making Earthbased 'Medicine' Bundle"  by BeLoved TASOM and EarthThunder
    Preparation of a personal bundle with natural gatherings that will focus current needs. Tied with skin tethers around neck.. January 2009
  • "Why Change Belief Scripts?"  by EarthThunder, SpiritVoice of BeLoved TASOM
    We offer many ways to hear your habitual 'belief scripts. Then seek, "Does my Belief Scripts need to transform?" This article begins the seeking.. December 2008
  • "Gossip"  by Indigenous - Shaman 'Way'
    What is your Nose for? What is your back bone for?. November 2008
  • "Relationship - Journeys"  by EarthThunder
    Ongoing layers, rhythms...words that are to inspire Rituals. Begin with PERMISSION to speak...wait to hear availability.. April 2008
  • "Relationship - Journeys Risking"  by EarthThunder
    Ongoing layers, rhythms...words that are to inspire Rituals. Begin with PERMISSION to speak...wait to hear availability.. April 2008
  • "Relationship - Journeys Enduring"  by EarthThunder
    Ongoing layers, rhythms...words that are to inspire Rituals. Begin with PERMISSION to speak...wait to hear availability.. April 2008
  • "Creating Ritual, How to Listen to GrandMother Earth"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Very healthy question, "What can I do to help our planet, and my family?" The cycles, seasons, voices, lessons and common sense say, "Get your own house in order". Easy to purvey and complex to understand. That is where daily earth-based-Ritual is essential. An earth-based Circle of Community engaged in supporting each other is supportive of the risk and stretching to listening daily. . April 2008
    Wellness is a Ritual of Priority. One Life is One Day. SunRise to SunSet. No Promise of Tomorrow.. April 2008
  • "Wellness is a Choice."  by BeLoved TASOM
    Earthbased Rituals that give you enough room to manifest choices. Smudging and Seasons. Season activated herb 'Elders'.. April 2008
  • "Medicine Women"  by Patricia Nell Warren
    EarthThunder. March 2008
  • "Original Identity"  by EARTHTHUNDER
    Love helps, education helps, family helps...I suggest what must come first is the foundation of original identity. We retrieve your original identity. . February 2008
  • "Honoring and Preparing an 'Owl Shield'"  by BeLoved TASOM
    The most important tool in your sleep area is an 'Owl Shield'. Owl's essential job in Nature is the Dream Portal. Humans need their guidance and understanding.. December 2007
  • "Autumnal Equinox 2006 to 2014"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Thriving manifests as cycles...seasons reflect how our 'boss' teaches us.. October 2007
  • "Endurance....familiarity..."  by BeLoved TASOM
    Loving is limitless maintenance without consideration of why. Always increasing the community of appreciation.. September 2007
  • "On going Commentary of Shamanism and Communities"  by BeLoved TASOM
    History? Storytelling? Show up with questions. We confront static notions of truth, facts and documents. . August 2006
  • "MOVEMENT"  by BeLoved TASOM
    The Wild Universe and our planet are powerful Teachings. Do you believe The Wild teaches humans? How can humans' be teachable and earn the teachings? When humans' learn from humans they get a lot of attention. When humans' learn from their life source, 'The Wild', they feel reality and waste less time needing attention. . August 2005
  • " 'ThreadPeoples' and the Puma"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Some humans are a 'Who'. They live for their documents. Some humans are working as a 'Way'. They may have the language called 'ThreadPeoples'.. August 2005
  • "Bioengineering Trees????"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Humans have predator genes. Some humans seem to fast forward their 'predator free-will' to destroy The Wild Trees.. March 2005
  • "Commentary Series 'When, Why and How to Change Belief Scripts'"  by EarthThunder, SpiritVoice of BeLoved TASOM
    Continuing questions and experiences in regard to 'why' the human does what they do and do you want to experience questioning and transforming?. March 2005
  • "StoryTelling Power of ‘MANY SPIRIT VOICES’ "  by EarthThunder
    Circles, Cycles, Seasons and Spirals - Available to humans who empty their minds. Free to be shared as long as you are willing to carry the work for GrandMother Earth and her families..
  • "10th Moon/Month SunRise and SunSet Ritual"  by BeLoved TASOM
    Rituals are repetitive ways to remember what we forget so easily. Humans gather and hunt from SunRise to SunSet this is whole life..
  • "Fear"  by EarthThunder
    Fear is a natural 'alert' system. Here are ways to transform Fear..