Adelaide Natural Health Articles - Table of Contents
  • "Detoxification mechanisms of the liver"  by Felicity Marsland
    Primary functions of the liver explained including filtration of the blood, formation of bile, and detoxification. We also discuss what to look for when assessing liver function.. November 2011
  • "Detox yourself after the Christmas indulgence"  by Felicity Marsland
    We are all prone to over indulging after Christmas, and it is important to recharge yourself as soon as possible after overdoing it. Detox in January is an important step, and can give you a much required boost that can last for the whole year.. November 2011
  • "Are artificial sweeteners a healthy option?"  by Felicity Marsland
    Artificial sweetners are considered a low calorie option to sugar and are found in many diet versions of packaged food. Have they achieved what they were initially desgined for?. November 2011