Jeanie Marshall Articles - Table of Contents
  • "To Dance with Jim his Last Dance"  by Jeanie Marshall
    "To Dance with Jim his Last Dance" is a true story about the author's experience while enjoying a social evening, dancing to the music of a blues band with friends at a local nightclub.. December 2005
  • "Fire Free Bird"  by Jeanie Marshall
    "Fire Free Bird" recounts a true story about a bird who flew into my fireplace to teach a powerful lesson.. December 2005
  • "Moving through Puddles"  by Jeanie Marshall
    "Moving Through Puddles" describes the "Puddle Theory of Personal Development" which helps those seeking enlightenment to move more easily through the cycles and changes of life.. December 2005
  • "Laughter, Play, Fun, Joy, Happiness"  by Jeanie Marshall
    "Laughter, Play, Fun, Joy, Happiness" discusses the value of these dynamics in our lives as a reminder to laugh and play in a spirit of fun and joy.. December 2005