JoyRae Freeman Articles - Table of Contents
  • "GO AHEAD - BUG ME!"  by JoyRae Freeman, Spiritual Warrior
    A poem expressing courage in the face of a growing oppressive government - i.e. FISA and citizen's privacy rights . April 2009
  • "ARE YOU RIPENING OR ROTTING - (Just getting juicy?) "  by JoyRae Freeman
    Where are you with stepping into your role in today's magical world of possibilities? . April 2009
  • "WHAT COLOR ARE YOU?"  by JoyRae Freeman
    What are your definitions of various colors? What "labels" do you use . . what color do you think you are/. April 2009
  • "I Am NOTHING Without You"  by JoyRae Freeman
    An acknowledgement of how much we need each other and help each other grow. . February 2008
  • "The Joy of Multi-Dimensionality "  by JoyRae Freeman
    Awareness that we exist simultaneously in 3rd, 4th, 5th dimensions and beyond. February 2008