Michelle Star Yoga & Healing Arts, LLC Articles - Table of Contents
  • "Mystical Wings Aloft"  by Michelle Star
    It was devastating to lose my big sister to cancer. But as I stood by her grave, magic happened.. October 2019
  • "Interview Re Suicide Prevention with WTAM 1100 am NewsRadio"  by Michelle Star
    In response to my Press Release of 5/13/19 Re 50 Years of Yoga Practice, I was interviewed about Yoga for Healing Suicide. June 2019
  • "Natural Therapies for Spring Allergies"  by Janet Levatin, M.D.
    Natural Therapies for Spring Allergies - using herbs, anti-inflammatory supplements, a hypoallergenic food strategy, and many other suggestions to handle seasonal allergies all in this informative article.. April 2014
  • "Get Help With Your Spring Home Rehab!"  by Connie France, Realtor
    Home owners can get helpful advice and possibly even a low-interest loan to assist with home rehab of 50+ year old homes in some communities.. April 2014
  • "Build Your Holistic First Aid Kit"  by Janet Levatin, M.D.
    What do you do when you have a minor illness? Do you turn to antihistamines, ibuprofen and triple antibiotic cream? There is a better, more natural approach employing herbs, vitamins, and homeopathics. . April 2014
  • "YOGA THAT HELPS"  by Scott Patsko, The Morning Journal, Lorain, Ohio
    Yoga becomes a new way for center to help autistic children. December 2006
  • "YOGA FOR CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES "  by Lisa Ann Pinkerton, 90.3 (Radio)
    ...Cerebral Palsy often leaves the body contracted and contorted. But a woman in Lakewood hopes to relieve families from diseases such as these through the ancient practice of yoga. In private and group classes, Yoga For the Special Child incorporates deep breathing and stretching techniques, tailor made for children with disabilities. ideastream's Lisa Ann Pinkerton reports. . April 2006