Soulsign Articles - Table of Contents
  • "Intimacy: The Resolution of Primal Urges
    by Adam Gainsburg
      by Adam Gainsburg
    A solid introduction to the Masculine and Feminine impulses within consciousness and how our inner experience of them can lead directly to greater and richer intimacy with our beloveds.. August 2008
  • "The Dance of the Sun & the Moon"  by Adam Gainsburg
    Did you know you had your own PERSONAL New and Full Moons, based on your birth chart? Find out what they are, what they mean to you and how to figure them out yourself.. August 2008
  • "Masculinity & Femininity"  by Adam Gainsburg
    Finally, a thorough description of what the Masculine and Feminine ACTUALLY are, beyond gender and types. Comprehensive descriptions of the fundamental impulses within all created form. . August 2008
  • "About the Desire of Your Soul"  by Adam Gainsburg
    Your Soul's Desire is the evolutionary reason for your life, beyond any concept you may hold about your life. Learn more about your actual Soul's desire!. August 2008