Past Life regression
Past life regression

August 19th 2005 - "Past Life regression?" I am often asked."How long have you been doing that?"My immediate response is,"All my life! I was one of those thousands of children who remember their past lives from babyhood on."
There have been many books on the subject; and I have certainly spoken to three and four-year-olds who still remember their past connection to their parents. One was the four-year-old girl who told me,"Before, when I was big and my daddy was little, he was my baby and he was in
my tummy."
A three-year-old boy I know well asked his parents,"Do you remember before when we were all children and we played together?" His mother, who was raised Hindu, thought that was perfectly natural. Many religions, of course, do accept reincarnation as a given. When Jesus was asked whehter he was the return of Elijah, he said,"No,look to John the Baptist." In other words, not only did He accept reincarnation, but he stated that his cousin John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah.
We have all had dozens or hundreds of past lives. I remember about twenty of mine. My pattern was to meet a new person, look into their eyes, and realise that we had a past life together. The specific memories would then come within seonds, weeks or months, as I was ready to accept the implications of our karma.
As a teacher, therapist, wife and mother, I always thought it would be wonderful to be able to help others with that sort of useful information.
About eight years ago I started "picking up" past lives in people's auras when doing Reiki treatments , and later I developed the ability to channel for distance clients as long as I had their name, birth date, the name and birth date of anyone with whom they were having an important issue, and the nature of the issue. This enabled me to get that information from the Akashic records.
Later still I trained at the Ontario Hypnosis Centre in Past Life Regression, which is even more powerful as the person relives two past lives for themselves.
The client is helped to enter a state of deep mediation, a tape is put on, and the person is asked to relive and describe a couple of childhood memories. They are then asked to go further back in order to find the answers to their questions. Almost all can do so.
The subject is not asleep,just very intensely focussed, a trance state everyone has experienced when totally absorbed in a book, TV program or other involving activity. A client epxeriences two lives personally in a typical session, with all the emotional intensity that is involved.
For instance, a client who in this lifetime has never had a child, experienced not only having a baby daughter but also losing that child to an early death. The purpose of this therapy is to heal the past-life trauma which is very often at the root of unexplained phobias, illnesses, birthmarks, accidents, or recurring self-defeating patterns of behaviour.
For example, a client who came to see me because she had developed a fear of highway driving, relived a tiem in the 1700's when she(then a male)was a stagecoach driver who had been killed by a highwayman-at the same age when in this lifetime she had developed this incapacitating fear.
Once one knows the past life roots of a fear it can be released. (For example, the client who had always had a fear of swimming in the ocean, had previously perished when the sailing vessel she was in sank in the North Atlantic during a storm.)Clients are always instructed to float above their bodies and describe what happens when a trauma is occuring, but not to relive the physical pain.
It is the therpist's sacred duty to help the client with the forgiveness and understanding which will help them to move forward in this lifetime.
It is also true that knwing one's own strengths and abilities from previous lives can help clients to return to their true path. One example is a client who came in with severe, unexplained back pain , which turned out to be linked to his having given up his true path in this lifetime, as clarified by the fact that he had had two past lives as an artist, in one case dying for his craft.
No two past-life regressions are the same. I have done hundreds and never cease to be amazed at the depth of learning, emotion and growth which can be facilitated by making contact with these somewhat-hidden aspects of our own souls.
Christine Nightingale

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