Energy Clearing
This article explains some of the ways stagnant or negative energy can be cleared , including Reiki, Sage smudging, visualization, Past Life Regression and Feng Shui.

September 01st 2005 - Article 5- Energy Clearing

My brother in Maine has a lovely home he built himself (as a successful contractor) and a second, even nicer home right next to it which has stood empty and unfinished for 18 years.
His son, who was the dearest thing in his life, was killed in a car accident at the age of 19. Ernie had built the second home for his son, who was already engaged to be married, and was planning to work with his father in the contracting business which he had been building up for many years. John’s death marked the devastating end to all those plans. Ernie has found himself unable to move forward with doing anything about the second building.

The native people of Canada used to use sage for clearing spaces, especially when they had been holding a peace –pipe smoking session with former enemies. Tobacco was ritually smoked with the long peace pipes, as the smoke would rise up to Heaven where the great Manitou would duly note the agreement to live in peace.

Then the area would be cleared of any remaining negativity by the lighting and carrying of a torch made of rolled-up sage or sweet grass.

I was looking for sage to clear my brother’s space in Earthworks (Brampton) and by one of those meaningful synchronicities I “happened to meet” Sandra Dion, who does energy clearing work and Tarot, and who recognized me from a Chapters talk. At this workshop I had regressed an audience volunteer to two previous lives. (It was a particularly powerful session as the lady wanted to know why she had never been able to relate lovingly to her son, now 15 and living away from her. In the regression it emerged that he had, in a previous life, killed her. During the regression the client tearfully forgave her son’s soul for that, and this was the beginning of a new relationship possibility for the two of them. Past life regression is often a very powerful from of energy clearing.)

Sandra directed me to the sage, and also made two other suggestions. She said that Apache tears (a small black rock) are useful for grieving, as is green apple Bach flower remedy. I bought four apache tears for a dollar at Earthworks, and was directed to The Health Food Store (Brampton) to find the Bach flower remedies. Sandra advised putting 8 drops on the tongue as part of a grieving aid, but I told my brother to use 3 or 4.

The actual ceremony for clearing my brother’s space was very freeform. My brother, husband and I entered the huge, empty building at night, me with the torch, and the four Apache tears in my brother’s pocket.
The first thing we all noticed was the thick, cloying energy, like walking through molasses. My husband sees people’s auras; my brother professes not to believe in life after death or anything spiritual, but we all noticed the unmistakable feeling of stuck energy. Not haunting-no, more like the tangible sense of broken dreams and not letting go.

I called on the spirit of John, my nephew, and got a very clear (clairaudient ) message back of “I love you, Dad.” I asked John’s spirit to help us with the clearing.

Then I walked through every door and into every corner with my smudging torch, saying, “Go to the light-all the energy that is here must go to the light. Nothing negative may remain here. All must go to the light. “

The two men were asked their input. They could feel the space lightening. After about 15 minutes the whole building felt clean and clear. Hopefully the apache tears and green apple will now help my brother clear his emotional space.

As an aroma therapist I know that essential oils are also very useful in clearing emotion. For example, Rose oil is wonderful for grieving. One of the reasons flowers are traditionally used at funerals is that the essential oils in many flowers, when inhaled, are helpful in dealing with emotional crises and restoring balance. It is not coincidence that men like to give flowers to their sweethearts, which usually evokes a positive response.)

When doing a Reiki treatment, it is often possible to feel the stuck energy in a particular chakra (energy center)
and to help free that energy so that it can flow again. This helps the client achieve their own healing and balance in their lives.

Before beginning a past life regression session, I always ask the clients to participate in a grounding, protection and clearing exercise with me. This exercise can be used by anyone prior to venturing out into the world in the morning.

Stand and feel your connection to Mother Earth, Gaia, a warm and loving mother to us all, whose center is a warm, beating heart. Feel the connection as a line extending from one leg to the center of the earth, up through your root chakra at the base of your spine, and down through the other leg, like a giant horseshoe. When you really feel this connection your feet will feel heavier, grounded, rooted.

Now feel your connection to Father sky, symbolized by the light and warmth of the sun, the source of energy which gives life to all living things. Feel the light from the sun filling you up from the crown chakra at the top of your head, and imagine the warm white light spilling all around you like a golden waterfall of light.

Finally, imagine mirrors all around you facing out. Now only good energy will approach you, as it likes what it sees in the mirror and comes closer. Negative entities or
people will not like what they see (metaphorically of course) and will back off.

I have found this exercise very useful in dealing with negative, energy–taking people. Somehow they become aware of the protective energy around you and are not able to approach and “bring you down.”

No introduction to energy clearing would be complete without a mention of Feng Shui. This Eastern practise consists of encouraging the free flow of energy within dwellings, gardens etc. by being aware of traffic patterns, minimizing clutter, and surrounding one’s self with natural objects of a beautiful simplicity. Contrast the light, airy spaces in an Ikea store, where everything is clean and the lines are simple, with the clutter of a pawn shop (the scent of desperation), thrift shop(other people’s energy all packed together) or large discount store, ( narrow aisles and little aesthetic sense ) and you get a visceral idea of good and bad Feng Shui. The basic principles are simple-what is called curb appeal in the real estate business (make a good first impression), cleanliness, order, and an eye for beauty. Anything in your home or work place which has not been used in a year or two should find a new home. (And while we are on the topic, relationships which have become toxic rather than nurturing should also be “cleaned up” or disposed of.)

I hope these guidelines about energy clearing are helpful in helping the energy flow more freely in your own life.

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