A New Year Resolution for Balance
How to resolve to find physical balance...and not a smaller dress size!

- In January, as one year ends and another begins, we often have cause for self-reflection. We may start by examining our habits, our health, our life style, our accomplishments and even our failures. It is a time for us to make promises to ourselves about change, such as foods we will not eat, negative habits we will stop, or routines we will begin. But what do we really need to change? It seems we tend to make resolutions to alter our physical selves, focused on fitting into a smaller jean size. Indisputably, having a healthy physical body is an important goal. But should our only focus be on altering our physical bodies in the upcoming year? After all, there may be more than meets the eye.

Perhaps if we focused on our entire being, our total self, we would find more balance in our lives. Why should total balance be a goal? Because, balance leads to overall wellness and a healthier way of living your life. This year, I wanted to offer you a different approach to your physical wellness.

In today’s world where television makeovers and magazine models present only sculpted bodies, with flawless faces and brilliant smiles, it is easy to get caught up in perfect ideals. Most often the resolutions we make are for an ideal self, which can result in unrealistic, harsh diets, and impractical workout regimens. This harsh treatment is more like torture and punishment to our bodies and our psyche. Let’s face it, an extreme change in this manner is most likely not sustainable. Perhaps we should turn the focus inward, towards a “healthier physical being”. How often do you consider your internal physical body, such as your organs, muscles, immune system, or the overall energy level of the body? These areas may not be seen externally, but if any of these are unhealthy or neglected, they can certainly manifest into a physical condition or illness. This year, maybe you can focus on your entire physical “being” instead of just the physical external body that we show the world.

Resolution #1 LISTEN: One way to begin focusing on the inner physical body is to listen to it. Our bodies do talk to us all the time, but most often, we do not pay attention. Therefore, the first resolution to help create more physical wellness is to start listening to your body. Our bodies send us obvious signs of imbalance or illness, and when our bodies talk, it is best we listen. Our bodies tell us when we need to nurture it, or rest it. Our bodies can expresses to us that we need to move and exercise more, or if we are feeding it enough healthy foods or vitamins. When we do not respond to these needs, we become unbalanced and may end up with illness or disease. If we take the time to listen to our bodies, we begin to respect it. For example, if we are stiff and sore, maybe we need to move our body more gently, or if our body’s skin is not radiant and glowing, maybe we need to focus on our nutrition. This connecting to our bodies brings awareness which can help us uncover our deeper needs. Another great way to listen to our bodies is to stop and be still for a few minutes each day. Simply check in with how you are feeling, what you are sensing, and mentally ask yourself, "What do I need to be balanced today?" The more we tap into this intuitive listening, the more you will hear.

Resolution #2 REST: If you are someone who eats right and works out regularly, you may be thinking that you are doing all you need to do to accomplish your goals for a healthy body. Perhaps you fulfill the exercise and healthy food nurturing needs, but when was the last time you rested your body, truly pampered it and treated it with nurturing and tenderness? Today’s world is so fast paced that we tend to forget to give ourselves a well-deserved break. Rest is a physical need as well, which is most often ignored. People believe it is more important to achieve all their goals, get all their errands done, or finish all their tasks. We tend to add more responsibilities to our days, making it difficult to finish our “To Do lists”! But if we ignore the human need for rest, we can create bigger problems than not completing your daily lists. Rest enables our bodies to relax, to replenish, and handle daily stress. It helps to restore our physical selves, such as our muscles and organs, so we can continue to get up and go the next morning. Ultimately, if this general need is not met, we begin to malfunction not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Be aware of whether your body needs to move and be flexible or whether it requires rest and recuperation. Because rest is so important, making a new year’s resolution to sleep or rest more will contribute to a healthier body.

Resolution #3 NURTURE: Another area of the physical body that you should be aware of is its energy level. This is not quite the same as the rest or sleep previously mentioned. I am referring to how, who, where, and when you share and give your physical energy. Some people, especially women, tend to give their energy away, taking care of everyone else and leaving little energy left over for themselves. This alone can cause the physical being to become extremely unbalanced. Ask yourself, is your body tired or is your energy depleted? Do you take time during the day to nurture your own energy? Often, fatigue is not created from lack of sleep, but lack of energy. When we allow our energy to become depleted we can weaken our immune systems and manifest emotional depression, mental stress, or physically discomfort. Often women experiencing physical pain or exhaustion leave no time for themselves as they fill the roles of mothers, career women, caring wife, and housekeeper. Your energy can become so depleted that it puts stress on your physical body, creating discomfort and pain such as neck aches, headaches, and minor illness. Certainly, when you are depleted, other symptoms can arise such as lack of concentration, memory loss, fatigue, and frustration. Begin by taking time to nurture yourself. It can be as effortless as an afternoon break with a warm cup of herbal tea, or as wonderful as a massage or reiki treatment. Nurturing yourself simply means taking the time to give back to YOU! Once you learn to manage your energy as well as your time, you can bring your energy and body back into balance.

Think about how this new focus on balance can create wonderful changes in the physical body without an extreme attitude. Making resolutions to listen to, care for, reenergize and nurture your entire psychical being are just as important as resolving to fit into that smaller jean size!

Trisha Matthies is certified as a Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Master Teacher in both Usui and Karuna Reiki. She is also trained in the use of Shamanism, Healing Crystals and Tibetan Singing Bowls. For over ten years, she has studied various healing techniques, allowing her to offer her clients a unique blend of methods utilizing Reiki, crystals, guided meditations, aromatherapy, color therapy and sound vibration. Trisha uses her experiences as a healer to help you with your personal blocks and needs not only to avoid illness, but also to achieve balance and wellness.
Trisha treats clients with physical conditions, although specializes in assisting women and children in need of emotional and mental release and balancing. She is owner of “The Healing Moon”, where she conducts sessions in a warm comfortable setting located in her Norwood location.
If you are ready to make a positive change to your life and spirit, Trisha will assist you on your path towards healing, peace, and balance. Contact Trisha at 781-762-4740 or visit her website at www.TheHealingMoon.com

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