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Auras: Your True Colors
The colors in your aura describe what is happening in your body and your world.

- By Leah Light, © 2003
I believe that everyone sees auras, though many of us don't realize it. Yet the subconscious mind registers what happens in our auras, and in the auras of people with whom we interact. Our language is littered with sayings and metaphors that are descriptive of actual energy events. Many of these involve color. For example, a cowardly person is referred to as “yellow bellied.” Fear can appear in the aura as a mustard yellow, and found near the abdomen, or power center, this would reflect a person's feelings of powerlessness or fear.
We refer to someone being “pea green with envy.” Chances are, we are describing an ugly split-pea soup-like mass, possibly located in and around their heart area. Not a pretty sight, and not a pleasant person to be around. If, on the other hand, a person emanates a beautiful, healthy green glow from the heart, this would indicate generosity.
Optimists look at the world through “rose colored glasses.” Rose is a positive color associated with happiness or love. Over the eyes, it would describe a person who sees only good. Of course this is not necessarily healthy; a rose colored cloud can also act as a shield of denial around a darker, more painful place in the aura. This is the clown who looks happy on the outside to hide the sad feelings within. Or dishonest people whom we trust because we're fooled by their rosy exterior until eventually their true colors show through.
External facades are not always positive; some wear darker colors and coarse textures on the outside of their auras to protect their loving, vulnerable parts. We refer to them as having “a rough exterior, but heart of gold.”
In addition to sensing color, we subliminally pick up images or thought forms. If a man “blows his top” we describe it that way because of the volcano-like eruption that appears above his head. If a woman has a “razor sharp tongue” and “cuts you to ribbons,” that is what is literally occurring in her aura and yours. (Ouch!) Everyone knows what it feels like to be “cut down to size.” For those of us who read energy, all of this appears in the aura in literal, graphic terms.
Sometimes these messages are in word form, and picked up telepathically. A friend of mine who knew how to work with energy had her house on the market. She decided to put out a mental sign to help it sell, visualizing the words, ‘What a darling house!' just over her doorstep. It was amazing how many prospective buyers used exactly those words when the realtor brought them through! Not surprisingly, her house sold in a very short period of time.
A negative example of verbal messages is the kid everyone picks on in school. His parents or the teachers may say, "It's almost like he's wearing a sign 'kick me'." Well he probably is, or the equivalent: "I don't deserve to be well treated."
The good news is that if people are responding negatively to our energy, we can change it. We can mentally send out new “cue cards” that prompt others to treat us with respect and kindness. We can also work on our personal issues so that our true colors come through: the purples and blues of spirituality and peace, the earthy greens of healing, balance and new growth, and the pinks and violets of self-love and love for others. When we project an aura of gentle kindness, it is mirrored back to us.

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