Do’Hai and the Amazing Rainbow Heart
How a very perplexed and heart-sore woman, "shut down" from childhood, began to release past burdens and accept her amazing rainbow heart!

July 15th 2011 - Once upon a time, there was a very perplexed and heart-sore woman who schlepped her way through life, mostly following the orders she had been taught, sometimes not. She broke the rules often enough to have serious misgivings about herself and her actions, but this guilt did not make it any easier to just “follow the rules” or “do what you’re supposed to” to survive. Through it all, she had fleeting memories of herself before she “shut down” in childhood, and she was dimly aware that somewhere, somehow, there was another life waiting for her, and another way to live. She sure hoped so, because her heart was feeling very dark, indeed. Meanwhile, she struggled with the “shoulds” and “if-onlys” of life.

She lived and grew and cried and laughed and the spiral of her perception fluctuated, sometimes leading up, sometimes plunging far below into deep negativity. Though she tended to stay rather close to the deep ruts on the road more traveled, she was often guided to explore some of the outer roads, looking for that “other life.” One day, as she was making her way through the tunnels of her conditioned ways, she happened upon a very bright, peaceful cove of wisdom. Inside the cove of wisdom, there were Masters who shared delightful and inviting ideas that spoke to her heart and mind. They called the ideas "Do’Hai." Her Soul kept pointing her in the direction of this source of wisdom, even though parts of her conditioned mind raised questions from time to time. But her mind opened further, and her innate sense of Unity spoke deep within her. She chose to learn more, and as she did so, she felt her heart open ever so gently.

Several years passed in this way. Every time she sought the counsel of the Do’Hai Masters, she was greeted with the same unchanging love, acceptance and validation. The clarity of their teachings thrilled her heart and mind and resonated with her dream of the “other life” in which she and her world were grounded in Unconditional Love. Gradually, she noticed that she was beginning to live the “other life” she had imagined as she integrated more and more of the Do’Hai Principles of Love that constantly radiated from this collective of Masters. Not only did hearing and heeding their words lead her into new ways of looking at the world, their love and compassion and the radiance of their higher knowingness helped her to finally claim her own higher knowingness and release the blame and guilt she had carried for her actions of long ago. She learned to have compassion for her former self, and consider the possibility that she actually had much to offer, and could welcome new possibilities into her life at any time that she chose. She allowed herself to open her heart and feel how she felt, and celebrate whatever that was without judging. It became her Joy to accept herself and others. Do’Hai aligned her spiral journey from one of wide fluctuation to one of remembering to choose more Love. As she allowed Peace to enter her inmost Self, she began to notice that, far from being dark, her heart was full of radiant colors to which she had previously been blind. She began to realize and accept her amazing rainbow heart!

In her passion to know more, her gratitude for the healing she had experienced was such that she studied how to facilitate this kind of experience for others. When classes were offered, she took them, with much Joy. These experiences lifted her into an even fuller awareness of the Amazing Rainbow Heart, because the rainbow existed in others, as well! Her connection with Source became deeper! Here was an example of Unity! Here was an experience of the Oneness which all along she had sensed. She knew now that wherever she was, she was Home. The Universe really is on your side! Ash’te Bash’Ka!

Copyright 2008, Jamadyah, aka Laura J., Do’Hai Facilitator, composer, retired administrator and music director, All Rights Reserved

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