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Original Identity
Love helps, education helps, family helps...I suggest what must come first is the foundation of original identity. We retrieve your original identity.

September 29th 2009 - The teachings of EarthThunder and Beloved TASOM value many lifetimes
Live in the present, save for the next 13 generations and
learn and acknowledge the 13 eight generations.

EarthThunder suggests, “Well-humans living their LifeWork are too busy to be destructive, disposing, fearful, violent, and polarized. Well humans re-invent economies to support their thriving and our healthy planet home.”

Update2008 WHO ARE WE-She-He?
BIRTH ROOT – Journey Codes
Birth Song~~Journey Song~~Power Ally – Numerology – Astrology – Creator/s – Family Clans

EarthThunder is the Spirit Voice for BeLoved Tasom (be loved to some). She is an Indigenous Shaman.
BeLoved TASOM and The Ancient Schools of Mysteries are 10 ten thousand-life times of
extraordinary experiences. EarthThunder is the caregiver of The Ancient Schools of Mysteries.

IDENTITY. Your left hand is the Portal of your Spirituality. Reading your Identity starts with your thumb to your little finger. Investments of WellBeing are BELOW, WITHIN, OUTSIDE, and AROUND you have missing links? Missing ‘Links’ to your ORIGIN…we would suggest first peoples were more functioning because their identity was clear. Their Earth Codes, Birth Root and Journey Codes were activated and natural choices.

#1 valuable safety is a human BIRTH SONG-also known as ORIGINS NAMING
When there was only Wind, Water, and Fire there was ethereal toning called ORIGINS' Vibration. As humans were created by the various creators, each human has a thread to their ORIGINS Vibration. This individual thread is called, (Birth Song). Mostly humans ask a teacher of Earth Spirituality to look for their Birth Song. Many indigenous tribes have naming rituals. Mostly it's important to look and then see how much room in your life you will make for this Gift. Once you receive your name you must say your name each day to keep the name awake. If your name is s not honored it will go to sleep and not awaken for another lifetime.

#2 ENERGY WHEELS~~~~ Spiraling Power within a Human is their JOURNEY SONGS.
As each human's ORIGINS Vibration evolves a human aligns with the 12 planets, 12 oceans, etc. Inside each human is a core power center. Each life the human is born, the human is born to that one power center. By the Fourth World every human has 12 Journey Songs. Most humans can only actualize eight of the 12 Journey Songs. Ask a teacher of Earth Spirituality to locate your core power Journey Song. The maintenance of Journey Song is too breathe and speak through your core Journey Song, have all outside energies come through your core Journey Song.
Hindu and Buddhist religions have their rituals, which are called Chakras. The location is the same as Journey Songs, though the Teachings are different.

#3 natural element, plant, or creatures= POWER ALLY
In some humans' born of this planet, at the very beginning of their first body creation, they aligned with a wild-collector/accumulator. This wild collector stores every thought, action, and story you have experienced. This is called Power Totem or Power Ally. This is your internal library of experiences/tools. They are seated in your belly.
#4 NUMEROLOGY for all the lives you have lived. As well as the Astrology for all the lives you have lived.
#5 CREATOR/S This is left to you to choose privately. We would not assume for you. This is your journey. EarthThunder is a ThreadPeoples, created from GrandMother Earth will live as long as the planet lives, birthing, composting, on and on.

#6 FAMILY CLANS. Seasons negotiate the relations of our planet. We suggest you natural Family Clan is the behavior to introduce to your self and others. As well as receive from others. Human behavior, so far has little investment.

#7 ORIGINAL PLACE OF BIRTH. Location of your first birth site. Where all memories begin and will return.

Hug yourself, say out loud 'I know I have been heard; now we can dance.
I will give to others what I seem perceive to give myself".

I value our communities,

• Spirit Voice for BeLoved Tasom
• Indigenous Shaman
• Founder: The Ancient Schools of Mysteries
• Chief of The International Communities of the Ochre
• The Global Communities for 'Vital Earth'

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Ecstatic Shimmering
Shimmer (2004)
oboe solo Duration 5 Commissioned by Sydney Symphony for Diana DOHERTY

The word `shimmer´ for me, calls to mind the ecstatic central desert art of Aboriginal Australia. This is a culture in which rituals are brought into being by shaman-healers who `stalk and capture´ songs, dances, ceremonial body markings and other designs in dream. It is said that they recognise these forms by the force of their `shimmer´, for instance, songs found in dream are described in Kukatja language as `kalyuyuru' -- `like water shimmering as it falls´.

EarthThunder, Indigenous Shaman
Some humans are awakening to make their FIRST PRIORITY the WORKING SERVICE to ALL WILD~~~ELEMENTS, ENVIRONMENTS, and CREATURES. More humans are becoming re-invented. They re-invent their intentions to create relationships with each other that are symbolic of Wild Nature. Humans still have among them Shaman Way, Earth Spirituality, Pagan Religions, Simplistic Community Movements and the most valued of all Pain…..Pain brings death, or change that will burst a human into transmutation. Transmutation is releasing the unfulfilling patterns. The predator's chaos can be restored/re-invented as the mammoth Wisdom of this Wild Planet.

HARVEST >>>> Yielding…This course invites you to explore The Shaman Way. Discover — Birth Root. Do you seek LifeWork in the dance of serving, sharing and reconciliation for our GrandMother Earth and her families? You will work with other group members and with the Sacred in transforming perceptions and behaviors.

What is The Shaman Way? Over tens of thousands of years, our ancient ancestors all over the world discovered how to LISTEN AND WORK for The Wild Universe, our GrandMother Earth and their families. The Wild taught the humans how to minimize their excess personalities and maximize human movement of their minds and spirits for hunting, gathering, healing and agreements. The remarkable system of methods they developed is today known as "Shaman,” Their tribes revered the planet more than being human. "Shaman" (pronounced SHAH-man). Shamans are an extraordinary medicine womyn or sometimes man. They remind the humans that this planet is their core source. Seeing and healing often came through Ecstatic Journeys to hidden worlds known through Dream, Rituals, Generational Stories, Myth, and near-death experiences.

Websites for leadership: Satish Kumar, Programme Director Getz (now in Afghanistan
Direct your conditional-mental, physical, emotion, spirit energies to community who are doin it! Walkin the Good Blue Road. Inclusive, involved, functional and proactive.
Invest in proactive mentorship.
Expose your addictions to comfort; denial; fixed generational colonization; retail therapy; control; and more. Invest your passion, as does GrandMother Earth, her families and The Wild Universe.
Proof of authenticity by planning, writing agreements-written budgets and then is spontaneous.
Be a leader in transmuting documents of identity. Do not rely on genealogy, DNA, degrees, capitalization...take ownership as your expanding scripts of introduction.

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