Why Do’Hai?
Some commonly accepted perspectives and approaches may not meet the needs of those evolving today. Options are overlooked, opportunities missed. Higher Consciousness exists to speed spiritual understanding and advance awakening. The key is being able to readily access it.

March 04th 2008 -

“Do’Hai is not about manipulating illusion.
It’s about manifesting Reality.”
~ Azh’ra Kai

Azk’ra Kai, could you explain the difference between Do’Hai and common forms of healing facilitation? And why is Do’Hai so important for humanity at this point in our evolution?

Azh’ra Kai: Of course, Beloved. The most significant distinction is that Do’Hai is Oneness Facilitation, or if you prefer, Awakening Facilitation whereas other forms of “healing” facilitation typically address appearances only and attempts to manipulate form (illusion) in an effort to produce a desired, but narrowly defined, effect in the physical version of reality. Even adept healing facilitators of whatever persuasion often focus only on effect. Another way to say this is that they often focus on “fixing what’s wrong” rather than encouraging and cultivating what’s Real. In the holistic community, this is commonly known as “curing disease vs. promoting wellness.” Yet, even many holistic service providers and their recipients operate from the old, polarity-based context of fixing what appears to be wrong without regard for cause. Instead of pharmaceuticals, they use herbs, energy work, etc.

And even those that know to focus on cause (or presumed cause) still are only addressing the specific, shallow level of cause of a specific condition, rarely realizing to any purposeful degree that cause itself is often an illusion. For instance, one may conclude, “the cause of my headache is muscle tension.” In the narrow, limited physical version of reality, this may appear true. In fact, relaxing those muscles in one form or another can produce real relief. But what caused the tension? One might then conclude, “the cause of my headache is muscle tension caused by angry self-judgment” (as in, “beating oneself over the head” about something.)

But as anyone who has honestly explored themselves eventually recognizes, knowing this level of cause doesn’t necessarily facilitate resolution. That is because the self-judgment, the “cause” in this example, is itself an illusion and founded upon yet a deeper illusion, thus not the true cause at all. Such as: the belief that you are a bad person though trying to become better. And
that belief is possible because of an assumption/belief (illusion) that you are separate from Love (Source). Though you make choices in this dimension not aligned with your Ultimate Reality -- your Highest Divine Ideal (Love/Wisdom) -- the choice itself doesn’t make you inherently bad, simply grossly misinformed, misunderstanding your Divine Nature. And of course you would be, having no genuine awareness of your True Condition.

For instance, even if you don’t realize that you believe you are bad, you may continually attempt to act good in an effort to convince yourself and others that you are good. But the inner (and often unconscious) belief/feeling of “I’m bad” constantly projects into and influences your experience of reality, thwarting your efforts -- thus nothing really improves. If you know you think
that you are bad and assume that’s true, you may conclude that it’s a hopeless endeavor. (Can you say, “depression!?”) And even if you try to get good, your definition of “good” may not be accurate or acceptable to those whose approval you seek. And even if it is, it is still a fear-based reaction, an attempt to compensate for the originally conditioned belief that you are bad which has yet to be resolved. You simply cannot overcome a belief of being bad by acting good. Even if you succeed in convincing some people that you are good, you will yet live in fear that they will eventually discover “the truth” (the “badness” that you inwardly believe to be true). What kind of life is this?

And since you characteristically hold deep, unconscious beliefs in separation from Source (also an illusion), you rarely access the Consciousness of Source that transcends negative beliefs, reveals
your True Condition in Reality (Love), and that would make immaculate choices and take impeccable actions. After all, no one who truly understands their Divine Nature as manifestations of Source (Love/Wisdom) would or could act in a manner contrary to Source. So your fault, if one must define it as such, is ignorance. And ignorance is not really a fault, simply an inevitable result of one’s misinterpretation of oneself as separate from Source. There is only one “problem” with humanity -- the belief, often deeply embedded and tenaciously (and unconsciously)maintained, that one is separate from Source. There is only one Solution -- realization
of Oneness with Source. Do’Hai facilitates this realization of Oneness, not simply as an intellectual knowing, but as a personally and progressively experienced Inner State of Being. And, as
a result, in accordance with spiritual law, the outer conditions and experiences corresponding to one’s level of realization of Source/Love/Benevolence naturally, effortlessly, and inevitably

For typical alternative/holistic healing facilitators (and service recipients), once an undesirable appearance changes/disappears, the recipient is assumed to be “healed” or the issue resolved when in many cases, the only thing that changes is that the condition, at the level of cause and effect, is no longer apparent. Non-apparent doesn’t mean non-existent. Surgically removing a cancerous tumor doesn’t improve the toxic conditions of mind and body that produced that tumor. With the evidence removed, one may falsely conclude that the cause has been eliminated as well. Taking a pain-killer for a headache only masks the pain. The condition causing the ache, and thus the pain itself remains, but is forcibly hidden. Thus, conditions one thought to have resolved can and often do reappear (remanifest) is some manner.

Denial is a powerful, negating force within human consciousness. And in that denial, one may deny their own denial, not recognizing an illusion for what it is until far past the point of no return.
Until the next life, that is. Wouldn’t it be preferable to dedicate yourself conscientiously to the Joy of Wholeness, and thus be free forever? Do’Hai transcends cause as humanity currently understands the term, manifesting into one’s experience the Reality of Wholeness in place of the appearance of an anomalous condition (cause and effect). That Reality is Source Essence (or Love) first. Essence/Love is comprehensive, permeating all levels of Consciousness/Reality. And since Source/Love is also Benevolent, it has access to and can influence areas of consciousness
unknown or unrecognized as relevant to either recipient or facilitator to affect transformations in those areas as well. It’s just waiting to be activated. When one recognizes, even
subconsciously, one’s Reality as Love, one is said to “embody” Love though It has been there all the time -- present but not apparent. And then one tends to make choices and adopt attitudes and practices aligned with Love, one’s True State of Being -- thus perpetuating and expanding one’s experience of Love’s Reality. Otherwise, one tends to make choices and adopt attitudes aligned with one’s illusory (fear-based) beliefs, thus perpetuating and expanding one’s experience of those negating conditions as well. Ever felt “overwhelmed”?

Humanity, regardless of its presumed intellectual prowess, does not yet embody the level of genuine spiritual awareness necessary to see, much less address, the multitude of layers and permutations of embedded negative conditioning that affects individual and collective consciousness. (In general, humanity knows far more about the depths of outer space than the inner workings of their own being.) For the most part, one sees a condition, a physical or emotional issue for instance, and attempts to correct that issue at it’s most apparent (and thus most shallow)level -- much like placing a bandage over a wound, perhaps adding a disinfecting salve.

In that same kind of situation, Do’Hai (a specific spectrum of Source Love, the nature of which is unification) would work to unify the recipient (self) with the state of his or her Reality (Soul/
Source Presence) in which such a wound couldn’t exist. More accurately stated, It gently amplifies the recipient’s awareness of that state of Being (or element of one’s Soul Presence) from within so that they may choose their Divine Ideal. In so doing, such negative experiences/issues gracefully dissipate. Would you rather bandage a wound or manifest a level of your Divine Reality
in which such a wound doesn’t exist and couldn’t occur? Asked another way -- would you rather live in an annual flood plane, having to rebuild or repair your dwelling year after year or
move to a mountain top where such flooding could not occur? Assuming you are already aware of such an anomaly in your consciousness, Do’Hai helps ensure that you progressively experience your Divine Ideal not only in form but in Essence. This facilitates the dissolution of current anomalies and helps prevent future occurrences. The Do’Hai Presence helps you see previously
hidden and therefore unknown/unrecognized Divine alternatives so you can then choose (and be progressively lifted to) a higher plane of being and expression. In other words, the higher you progress up the mountain, the less likely flooding will be an issue.

Another element of Do’Hai Facilitation, as it pertains to the Training, is that prospective facilitators are taught important aspects of the nature of Source, (Your Divine Reality, your own
Soul’s Truth) and how to attune directly to (become truly conscious of) Source Presence. Intellectual knowledge of Reality is no substitute for a direct experience of Reality. However, one’s
ego consciousness may delude itself into being satisfied with that intellectual information, thus unknowingly and unconsciously maintaining one’s separation from Source. Do’Hai Wisdom is
Oneness-based rather than polarity-based. That is to say, it approaches each situation “from” Oneness to empower the realization of that Oneness, whereas the polarity-based perspectives common to most schools of thought attempt to facilitate wholeness from a sense of lack or separation from that wholeness. Which is easier? To spend money you already have in your pocket or money that you must find through happenstance -- trial and error? Is it easier to spend money
in your hand or that which you have tucked away and forgotten about? Spending money you don’t know you have is impossible, regardless of the amount on hand. Do’Hai Training helps both facilitators and their recipients to become aware of and access previously hidden Divine Resources that already exist within them, as them, and to progressively utilize those Resources in profound and meaningful ways according to their intent and purpose.

Most teachings unwittingly promote separation (polarity-based) consciousness, assuming that one must go somewhere else to get something that either doesn’t yet exist or isn’t readily available, all the while ignoring the gold mine that you are quite literally sitting upon. However, the polarity-oriented ego mind is satisfied with this separation-based approach because (since it doesn’t recognize that it already has all) it agrees with the belief that it needs to acquire more. But vertical progress, awakening, ascension isn’t accommodated. Do’Hai empowers the realization of Being (having) All That Is so that one starts inwardly from the place one wishes to be. Awareness is amplified until one realizes that one is already “there” -- again not merely as an intellectual knowing but as an experienced fact or state of Being. As we shared earlier, nonapparent doesn’t mean non-existent. This also applies to Love, Abundance, Joy, Peace, Wholeness, Well-Being, and everything else that is a manifestation of your Divine Reality. Spiritually
speaking, you cannot get what you don’t already have. And Source Love cannot be truly realized until it is inwardly acknowledged and directly experienced, consciously, in person. Once
you realize you already are it (have it), then experiencing Source/Love becomes a matter of choosing how to allocate the Infinite Divine Potential that you are. Do’Hai Facilitation Training,
it’s principles and practices, cultivates this awareness.

Included in the training is the Do’Hai Initiation that opens gateways of awareness to the Do’Hai Presence, an element of Source’s own transcendent Consciousness, within prospective facilitators.
Initiates are then prepared to consciously cultivate and expand their understanding of Source and their awareness of their Oneness with Source. Do’Hai Facilitators are taught about and encouraged to embrace the value of their own awakening selves, how to facilitate (make easier) their awakening as well as how to facilitate awakening (experience of Oneness/Wholeness) for others. What more noble purpose is there?

Students are taught how to attune to the Love of Source, and to make that Source Love available to aspects of their own buried, repressed, or restrained consciousness without becoming mired in a web of illusory conditions that often occurs when constantly searching for the supposed fix for the apparent problem.
(“Seek and you shall find” applies to problems that “need fixing” as well as Love that needs living!) Through this experience of Awakening to Love/Oneness, the Do’Hai Facilitator’s ability
to assist others in achieving this same purpose is established and enhanced many-fold. Training also includes the Do’Hai Principles, a set of concepts which may be practiced in a multitude of ways to assist students to embody and emulate the nature of Source Itself, thus gracefully advancing their own evolution even as they support others.

The reason Do’Hai is so important for humanity’s evolution is that it quickens the memory of Who You Are. It also creates what you might generally call “shortcuts,” bypassing potentially years of unconscious, trial and error effort to manifest profound states of Love, Joy, Peace, Understanding -- Reality/Oneness-based Being. Here you are on the cusp of a profound transformation. Even as your mind attempts to understand conditions as they are, those conditions
change unannounced and unrecognized. So much diligent study and effort might otherwise be applied more fruitfully -- if one only recognized the need and understood how! With the intense etheric flux produced by the waves of Light continually pouring into this plane (and humanity’s egoic reaction to them), all manner of unconscious, negative beliefs and the emotions are arising
unbidden, unwelcomed, and misunderstood. Do’Hai offers a path to see “negative conditions” for what they are, to understand their purpose, and to transcend the negating effects of false interpretations and illusory assumptions. Do’Hai offers a clear path directly to the Heart of One’s Reality, reducing the possibility of becoming ensnared by yet another false belief or belief system.
Do’Hai makes true spiritual mastery possible even in the most trying of circumstances, the moment one is willing to accept a higher, more comprehensive truth and live a more profoundly enriching state of Being.

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