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Quantum-Touch therapy: Training and Treatment
Quantum-Touch therapy the beginnings, the training and results from many years of doing this work.

May 04th 2008 - Quantum-Touch® therapy: training and treatment
By Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Practitioner/Instructor
After almost 15 years of doing energy healing work, I discovered the work of Richard Gordon, this wonderful work that he has named Quantum-Touch therapy. Richard has defined his work as a method of hands-on healing that literally must be seen to be believed. Using only a very light touch on yourself or others, you can profoundly accelerate the body’s own healing response. The effect is so immediate and extraordinary, you can actually see bones in the body spontaneously realigning themselves with only a light touch. Beyond structural realignment, pain and inflammation are quickly reduced, while organs, systems, and glands become balanced.
Since I began using Quantum-Touch therapy in my healing practice in 2001, I can certainly vouch for the veracity of Richard’s statements. In fact, I would go even further and say that although the results are not always visible immediately, they are certainly always much more than I could ever have imagined. I regularly witness results that can only be described as miraculous. Working with people whose conditions range from depression, chronic pain, fibro-myalgia, diabetes, concussion sciatica, rotater cuff, chronic sinusitis, cancer and muscular conditions, I continue to be in awe of this most wonderful, simple, powerful modality. I would like to share with you some of the stories of the people with whom I have worked to further demonstrate the powerful results available to anyone choosing to learn and to use Quantum-Touch therapy.
Gordon arrived with his cane clearly struggling and in pain as he made his way down the hall to the therapy room. He had suffered from diabetes for many years, and now had pain throughout his body as well as a condition called neuropathy in his lower legs, which means that he has no sensation in that area. We worked with Gordon in the Healing Circle on Wednesday mornings for a long time. Over that period, many changes occurred, such as the total relief from the constant pain in his back and shoulders as well as the headaches. Dietary changes also occurred over that period. Although the neuropathy remains, the level of physical balance, wellbeing and relief from pain have improved his quality of life.
Another client arrived with severe sciatic pain resulting with difficulty getting onto the massage table. After 20 minutes or so, this client needed to get up for a few moments and was favouring that leg. She was very surprised when she was upright, that the severe pain in the lower back and the leg was totally gone. In another case, a dancer who had damaged the rotator cuff in the left shoulder, was scheduled for surgery. She was referred to my work in an attempt to improve the situation before the surgery. Following the first session, although the arm could still not move up from the table, the left shoulder had dropped about three inches and was now lower than the right shoulder. Following the second session, she could lift the arm from the table and the muscles moved when she rotated her fist while in a standing position. There was still considerable pain, and the muscles, although engaged, where not moving in synch with the muscles on the other arm. Following the third session, the pain was completely gone, and the arm moved easily and in synch with the other one. The surgery has been postponed indefinitely.
Chronic pain, ear infections, chronic sinus congestion, constipation and relief from radiation therapy, following a cancer surgery, are all common results seen regularly in my practice. I’ve worked with the physical damage and constant pain from industrial and construction accidents, riding accidents, and the lingering disability from automobile accidents experienced decades earlier. Recently a client discovered that ovarian cysts that were diagnosed 8 years earlier had disappeared while the work I was doing was to relieve constipation. As we know, the energy goes where it is needed and the body knows best. The results are always awesome and beyond belief. In fact, until recently, I was often reluctant to speak of these phenomena.
Another wonderful aspect of this modality is the ease with which it can be learned by everyone. I have, in fact, welcomed participants in my workshops ranging from 11 years of age to 80+ years old. Everyone learns and enjoys the empowerment of being able to work on their own bodies and relieve pain as well as to work with their friends, family, pets and even their plants and water.
Aileen McKenna will be offering a certificate training in Quantum-Touch therapy in May and July in Ottawa. Workshops are planned for other locations in Canada, as well as abroad in the coming year. Students of Quantum-Touch can attend the Healing Circles each Wednesday. Aileen has a private practice where private sessions are available as well as distant healing sessions. For further information and registration, please contact Aileen at (613) 228-2272, (613) 795-3751, or by e-mail at For those calling from out of town you may call toll free at 1-866-493-0236. You can also visit the website at Quantum-Touch books, and the video workshop on DVD are available at Aileen’s Oasis.

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