Listen to Your Heart

November 24th 2009 - Sit or lie down in a place where nobody will disturb you for half an hour or so. Early morning on a day when you don’t have to go to work would be best.

Close your eyes. Relax your eyelids so good that for as long as you don’t take this relaxation away, they just won’t open.

Focus on the middle of your chest, where the “spiritual heart center” lies. Take a nice deep breath, hold it for a moment, and then exhale slowly with the intention of attuning to your heart. You may perceive a subtle light; it might be white-gold, gentle blue or purple, or light pink.

You may want to imagine a soft pastel light, even if you were to discover a different color later on.

Open up to the experience and feel whatever there is.
Gently breathe into that space, let your breath go in and out, and as it does, kindly ask your heart to speak to you. Reassure your heart with an attitude of loving respect.

Now for the next couple of minutes, patiently listen, as your heart maybe talks to you about experiences that you still emotionally hold on to, that don’t really mean much to you any more – you just didn’t dare to look at them – Let them go. Or maybe about some that still need healing. Your heart may remind you of your dreams that need to manifest in your life; or maybe is going to release some artificial roadblock, maybe a fear, that prevents important things in your life. Just trust the experience and let it be. You are looking from a very safe place. You are allowing your heart to purify. Just keep focusing on your breathing into the heart center, and let your heart speak. You are paying attention to your heart, in silence.

And as you do, your heart feels more at ease, more and more alive, and you can take a really deep breath in to see, how comfortable the whole area is becoming.

Love and spirit connect every time you listen to your heart. You develop “witness consciousness” – a perspective that allows new understanding, clarity, and healing.

By allowing your heart to release everything that blocks you from realizing your life the way you need to experience it, you allow your heart center to manifest itself in its pure form, pervaded with light, love, and wisdom; embracing, healing, and empowering.

You are establishing a communication line. Each time you go to your heart for counsel, clarity, or strength, it’s easier then the time before.

Ivona Zager, M.A. Psychology, Master Hypnotherapist, Cert. Hypnotherapy Instructor, Self Discovery Coach™

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