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Dialogue about choosing your Spiritual Authority
This is a dialogue between myself and a friend. Investment, faith, devotion and commitment are important daily health instincts to be nurtured in human beings. Therefore, an adult human is guided to consider dialogue of what, why, where, questions, notions, etc...a Spiritual Authority, Spirituality or Religions might be for them.

January 24th 2010 - 1-22-2010 Discussion of Spirituality between friend and EarthThunder

Gratitude for sharing,
My Sleep and Spirituality are top priority daily. All mantras, choices, actions and decisions transcend to fulfill:
My boss is GrandMother Earth and her families; they are my Creators, my Higher Power, proven, consistent, and truthful.
All I need to do to have deeper relationship in mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realities is go outside. Wind is language, Water is movement of emotions, Physical is Earth, Fire is simplicity and all else are Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals and Compose."

The most ecstatic love affair of my lifetimes is GrandMother Earth and her families; their shimmering mysteries sustain all.

I studied Edgar Cayce for sometime. My experiences as they are with many, and I feel I stay open to be surprised, is that they are the teachings of fundamental Christianity, glossed over with New Age and Holistic coverings. Older communities broken from their churches really liked his teachings, kind of like the rebellious alter boys/girls.

The concept that happiness is a choice you can make any moment is easy.
The concept that the human is not the core of anything is freeing and inviting. When humans stop paying so much attention to themselves they sometimes become involved in becoming more productive. Of course, productive is to be discerned between the individual and their Spiritual Authority, rather than human-to-human. Thus, the danger of manmade spirituality.

I do think the human/s can invest in their predator consciousness wholly, thus blocking all spirituality. Spirituality requires permission to enter. In other words others praying for you does not reach you unless at some level you give permission for these energies to enter.

Really stirred my belly this morning, thank you.

Why, What, who, how is your Spiritual Authority?



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