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April 08th 2009 - Chantal Lemire M.A.

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I have been learning and practicing alternative forms of therapies for over 15 years. The knowledge and techniques I have learned were first and foremost tools that I used in my own personal healing journey. They have become a passion (because they really work!) that I share with others in my professional practice. I love people and I love what I do!

I am and have always been a perpetual student, especially of life. My journey has taken me from being a straight A student to a high school drop-out, from a street kid to an anthropologist working with youth gangs and most importantly, from a wounded little person to a whole, vibrant woman. I say this with the modesty required of our social norms and yet with a deep sense of integrity and gratitude because this is who I truly am… as we all are!

I easily envision change for others as I have experienced and witnessed so many ‘miracles’ in my lifetime. I always hold the intention to assist others in creating what they truly want and what is for their highest good. I get very excited about the possibilities because they are truly limitless!

Alternative therapies and energy work in my opinion are truest to the human experience as they heal and bring the whole person and all of her/his ‘parts’ into alignment. I have found that engaging the mind, body & spirit in the healing process is the most efficient way to effect change at all levels.

The process is comparable to drawing on the experience and knowledge of a team of experts from different fields to resolve a complex issue. The less efficient option is for each person to work in isolation trying to resolve the whole thing without the larger vision. It is as though each part is a piece of the puzzle, if you bring them all together..voila! You can achieve completion and wholeness.

I experience and see healing as the path to being or becoming whole. An important note about healing is that although many practitioners of different therapies can assist people in their healing process, ultimately we are only facilitators. Every person has the capacity and resources to heal. Those of us who practice healing arts simply have mastered tools to assist in the process and to guide people on their journey.

The great Joseph Campbell said “ FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!”, my interpretation of these profound words is as I always say “DARE TO DANCE YOUR OWN DANCE!”.

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Chantal Lemire M.A.

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