Sacred Lomi: Open Heart Bodywork for Change
Sacred Lomi (Hawaiian Temple Bodywork) is lomi lomi to enhance spiritual connection and facilitate change in our lives.

March 24th 2011 - by Carol A. Niemi, LMT, CHt

Dusk is settling over the island as you stand at the entrance of the healing temple. The rumble of drumming seeps from within. Only this morning the Kahuna visited your home and suggested you come by tonight. You are excited and a little nervous. Last year your cousin was summoned and did not return for three days! But she was different when she came back—truer, surer, even more full of joy. The priest greets you solemnly: “If you are ready to let go of everything you think you know and everything you think you are, step across the threshold.” You pause, now fully realizing the importance of this occasion. It is an honor and a responsibility. With the gentle voice of your High Self propelling you, you step in and surrender to the realm of healing. And in so doing, you embrace a greater purpose for your life.

Such may have been the experience of an ancient Hawaiian coming of age. When they were ready, their priests would initiate them, clearing impediments to the manifestation of their life purpose or next phase of life. The Kahunas’ work included bodywork techniques that were passed down from generation to generation. Some of these practices have become what we know today as Sacred Lomi.

Sacred Lomi is bodywork that facilitates dying to the old and being born to the new. Therefore it supports the natural order, as change (in this world) is the one constant. Conscious change is especially powerful. Adding Sacred Lomi to your other conscious healing efforts amplifies transformation and healing. The work is holistic and opens the energy body (chakras and meridians) in addition to impacting the physical body. Physically it is quite different from “typical” massage, with longer, more flowing strokes. It is often compared to the feeling of waves washing over you.

Sacred Lomi is:

~ energetic bodywork in the spirit of aloha (unconditional love) that supports transformation—releasing the old and embracing the new.
~ bodywork that invites opening of the heart and supports spiritual experience.
~ the gentle healing energies of ancient Lemuria manifesting today.

Lomi lomi is a healing art practiced by the native Hawaiians. There are many unique forms, developed and passed down by family tradition. Lomi lomi has come to mean "Hawaiian massage" in popular culture.

Sacred Lomi is lomi lomi derived from Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, a distinctive style practiced by Hawaiian shamans as a sacred rite of passage. Supporting personal transformation, it is a spiritually-oriented, heart-centered style of massage. It is not typically outcome-oriented nor directed toward particular bodily issues. The receiver of Sacred Lomi may experience images and visions, a release of emotion, sleep, or even nothing of particular note, usually with profound relaxation. Whatever you experience, trust that it is perfect for you at this time. And the work of Sacred Lomi continues to unfold long after the session is over.

"[Sacred Lomi] took me to a place I’ve never been before. Now I know what ‘bliss’ means."

Sacred Lomi is sensual, not sexual. There is no agenda, and nothing for the recipient to do but let go, receive and breathe, like a baby. If this feels a little difficult, no worries—that just makes the session even more useful as you learn how to just relax and receive.

Sacred Lomi is a tool of healing. Be open to the process and style, just allowing each session to be whatever it is for you. Although beyond description, analogies can help us understand how Sacred Lomi may help us:

~ Sacred Lomi is a bath in the sacred waters of aloha and the sea of change.
~ Sacred Lomi is an attentive escort on the path of unfolding.
~ Sacred Lomi is enfoldment in the loving arms of humanity’s Grandmother to cry away tears in safety.
~ Sacred Lomi is a red carpet through the doorway to the next right step.

Sacred Lomi is a longer bodywork session, usually around 90 minutes and possibly up to 2 hours. It is typically done with minimal draping and no breast cover when you are face up, but there’s no need to be shy—it’s a time-honored tradition and your therapist is a professional. Sacred Lomi requires the use of oil instead of crème, and some oil will probably get in your hair. IF you shave, you will be asked to be clean-shaven because stubble is hard on the therapist.

Because of the depth and intent of Sacred Lomi, it is recommended that you allow yourself time to integrate after your session. Ideally you will go to a quiet place, free of responsibilities for at least a few hours or the rest of the day. Now is the time to relax, read inspiring material, journal, enjoy nature, sunbathe, sip water or juice, eat delicious healthy food, watch the world go by or take a long nap with your wildest dreams. As you open your heart, release what does not work in your life and embrace what does, God’s wildest dreams for you can come true.

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