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Quantum-Touch Therapy: Working With Recent Injuries and Old Surgery Scar Tissue
Trish was awaiting surgery for a severed rotator cuff, broken wrist and bone graft when I first met her, the ensuing work with Quantum-Touch Therapy has meant that no surgery was required and she has full use of her arm with no pain

February 03rd 2013 - dislocatTrish came into my life during a talk I presented to our meditation group in July, 2009. As I offered to do a demonstration, Trish moved across the floor and I placed my hands upon her left wrist to feel bones moving beneath my hands. Trish had fallen on the ice 8 months earlier, breaking her left wrist, and damaging the rotator cuff. Subsequently, a joint in the wrist had atrophied to the point of being discussed for a bone graft. Her arm did not function and was causing a great deal of pain. She attended the class several weeks later, and during the class regained full use of her arm. (Article relating to the original story in Tone Magazine September 2009).

Trish had also broken her right arm by a fall on the ice 10 years earlier with the entire socket of the shoulder joint being totally dislocated. Following surgery and extensive physio the arm was fully functional, however, as you will understand from the events outlined below there remained damage that needed to be cleared for complete healing.

As we began the session, I placed my hands in the basic position with one over and one under Trish’s right shoulder applying my Quantum-Touch hand placement and started the breathing techniques, as her arm began to make involuntary movements. Trish could feel the energy working through the shoulder and down the arm as it began to twist, and the muscles in the upper arm to hurt. The arm stretched and the fingers separated and stretched as if they were involved in a Thai Classical dance movement. This right arm movement continued for probably 15 minutes as the left arm would mirror some of these movements as well. The shoulders rotated in toward the front of the body making circular movements and then the right arm moved up in very deliberate rotation slowly, slowly straight up and rotating up over the body to the back. It came to a stop beside Trish’s right ear against the pillow as it stretched way back elongating and stretching further and further as she could feel pain in the back of the upper arm and down her torso. The stretching continued as the hands did big circular movements twisting in one direction and then the other. This stretching lasted for about 10 minutes and then the arm slowly continued its rotation back down to rest on the table.

The right hip had done some inner and outer rotations as the shoulder was making the large movements, and it would fully engage as I placed my right hand on the outside of Trish’s right hip, resting against the greater trechanter of the femur, that boney spot you feel at the upper part of your thigh. Trish’s hip would rotate outward to the right and then inward as if the leg were exercising the hip joint. Her feet rotated in and out stretching forward as it trying to make her legs longer. This process continued until at last after some very great stretches of her neck, her body came to rest looking very content and energized. That Wednesday evenings’ healing circle was to outdo all healing sessions, as a total reorganization took place from the moment of connection and to continue for 3 hours before settling down creating an enlivened, reenergized and elongated Trish.

This is the type of process possible during a Quantum-Touch session. Most sessions are not as profound, however, whatever needs to be done to clear restrictions and to create ease of movement, flow of energy and enhanced blood flow will take place through the engagement of the hands of the Quantum-Touch therapy practitioner.

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