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Bridge Visualization Technique
Recently, I heard this very nice visualization technique involving a bridge, a river, a tennis ball, a magic marker and a net.

November 18th 2007 - Bridge Visualization Technique

If you think about walking across a bridge that crosses a river, to one side the water is flowing away from you and the other, the water is flowing towards you. Stop on a bridge some time and watch the water flowing away from you. Water under the bridge is appropriate, too late, can’t do anything about it, its history, etc. Now look at the water flowing towards you; infinite possibilities approaching you. Look way up stream, this water has not yet reached you; interesting possibilities yet to arrive.

So now, close your eyes. Take a few dozen deep breaths, slow on the intake, slow on the exhale and relax. Visualize a bridge. Walk out on to the bridge. See the river flowing towards you on one side and flowing away from you on the other. Turn to face the water flowing towards you. This is a gently flowing river, no rapids; no flash floods a very easy, moderately flowing river. Just watch it for a moment. Get a feel for it. Now, take the magic marker and your tennis ball. Write on the tennis ball something that you want in your life; $250,000, the perfect mate, a new car, a new home, whatever. You are visualizing so you have lots of room on the ball. Be as specific about what you can, as you want to be specific. Now, throw the ball way upstream. You are visualizing, so you can throw the ball a thousand yards!! Your ball lands WAY UP STREAM and gently starts flowing towards you.

Now, take your net. Your net is on a very long pole that will reach the water. This is a slow flowing river. You have plenty of time. So place the net close to the water and start watching for your ball. You have time, so while you are waiting for the ball to gently float down stream, imagine how much you enjoy having received what you have written on your ball. Feel how grateful you are. Imagine what you are doing with it now that you have it.

When the ball arrives, scoop it up in your net! It is yours now!

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