Inward Focus
Inward focus and the benefits, and answers that can be revealed to help you.

August 09th 2014 - by Jamie Schab

Inward introspection might include asking questions like: What are my goals? What is my focus for my career? What one topic would I like to learn deeper? What do I really want? What really makes me happy?

These are just examples, maybe you have already asked these questions, maybe you have only visited the surface of them. Maybe you have a different question to ask yourself. In any instance, creating a quiet space for that personal inward focus, and listening to what personal question comes up for you is the importance. Our questions keep us growing, learning, and evolving.

Then be still and listen to what comes up. Open your heart and be receptive. The answers will come up, as you are ready to receive them.

On the mental note: clear thinking, openness to new ideas, and the ability to relax all are important mental virtues to cultivate. You may accomplish these by allowing yourself to experience the quiet, directed mind that has evolved in the Eastern cultures through centuries of meditation. By this practice of turning off the “thinking mind” just being - you can balance yourself and be aware of both the conscious, rational thought, directed toward the outside world (active mode) and the creative, space oriented (all is one), visual perceptions of the inner world (receptive mode).

When I relax, focus and get quiet I will revisit a question months or even years later, just to see if there is any more depth to the answer. Often there will be, and from that I can continue to develop myself. This has proven for me to be helpful, and I hope that it helps you too. Our bodies respond with the changes of the seasons and with all we come in contact with. Even our thoughts. Allow this season to open your inward focus, and see what happens!

“… the necessity of seeking within ourselves those defects we possess that cause us to work against Unity and out of harmony with the dictates of the Soul, and of eliminating these faults by developing the opposing virtues.An honest self examination will disclose to us the nature of our errors. Our spiritual advisors, true physicians, and intimate friends should all be able to assist us to obtain a faithful picture of ourselves, but the perfect method of learning this is by calm thought and meditation, and by bringing ourselves to such an atmosphere of peace that our Souls are able to speak to us through our conscience and intuition, and to guide us according to their wishes. If we can only set aside a short time every day, quiet alone, and in as quiet place as possible, free from interruption, and merely sit or lie quietly, either keeping the mind blank or calmly thinking of ones work in life, it will be found after a time that we get great help at such moments and, as it were, flashes of knowledge and guidance will be given to us.”
Heal Thyself- Edward Bach

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