Cleaning Up Clutter Lets Go Of Stress
Stress Relief: How to let go of stress by cleaning out the clutter in your living environment

September 17th 2021 - Letting go of stress could be as simple as removing clutter that is blocking flow!

When we are unhappy or stuck in some area of our lives we can help to release that by cleaning up the physical clutter in our home and work space. Is there some room or area of your home that has been needing some attention in some way? It could be to get something fixed, or pickup a pile of magazines, or clothes in the corner, or leaves that have fallen from the plant a while ago. Every time you walk by it the reminder is there and it takes mental and emotional energy to keep NOT doing something about it. This energy adds up and accumulates into blocked mental and emotional energy which effects the flow in all the other areas of our lives.

What if we just resolved the thing right away as soon as we had time? We would have only spent the energy once and then every time we walked by we would feel good instead of not so good.

If we are feeling stress or emotionally unhappy we can take it a step further by purposefully going through our house and doing a good cleaning to create better flow. This will move a lot of stagnant energy, which frees emotional energy, opening us up more to have a fresh new perspective in all the other areas of our lives. This may be the very thing that gets us out of the stress rut and back moving in a good feeling direction again!

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