Trance Dance as we know if is a blend of ancient rituals with a modern twist it is a way of recognizing our ancient heritage and apply it to our modern lifestyle.

January 04th 2007 - Imagine a darkness so intense that you get completely lost and inundated by it a darkness where sound and silence are the same this is the place the melting pot of all there is, out of these darkness comes inspirations, memories, ancient visions and healing. This is the place of creation the laboratory of the self.

I enter the darkness by covering my eyes with a bandana and completely surrender to the process that I was going to get into, the music started it was powerful and hypnotic, the type of music that makes you go deep within, my body responded to it a spontaneous way moving undulating sensually and feeling it all over my body, everything started tingling I felt like I was entering into a very sacred space.

Trance Dance as we know if is a blend of ancient rituals with a modern twist it is a way of recognizing our ancient heritage and apply it to our modern lifestyle. We can go back as far back as we can and we find evidence in history of dance and movement.
If we look at shamanic practices from all over the world we can clearly see that our original relationship to dancing and movement was for the purpose of connecting with a Higher Self, to worship and to heal. Our ancestors viewed nature, the earth and all of its elements as sacred, as en expression of God and the Divine. The goal then became to duplicate nature to mimic what we saw as a part of creation of life and death. To duplicate through movement and sound was the first and most powerful way to connect with God and Spirit, we learned to use our bodies as the instrument that could carry the energy, the vibration to make this possible, we dance to ecstasy, to celebrate with our bodies that we where alive.

Spiritual dancing is a cross-cultural phenomenon, it is something that we witness in all cultures from every continent on this planet simultaneously embraced unique dance forms based on their environment their perception of their reality on the animals and elements of nature present within their domain. Their purpose in dancing was to enter the consciousness or become the spirit of the sun, moon, and various animal and plant life. It was to call in the spirits or to drive them away. We have some beautiful examples of these in the Balinese Kecak, the Hawaiian Hula,

Through these dance rituals they believed that the spirits within nature could empower them with abilities such as courage and compassion, as well as reveal insights into the future.

Ernesto Ortiz LMT, CST is the primary facilitator for Journey to the Heart, he has been in the healing field for more than 20 years, has facilitated workshops and seminars in the US, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Ernesto has been licensed as a massage therapist in Florida for 13 years, and has certifications in Neuromuscular therapy, Cranio Sacral therapy, Integrative Breathwork, GIM (Guided Imagery and Music), Hypnotherapy, Hot Stone Therapy and Trance Dance.

Ernesto has spent many years studying and facilitating Indigenous Shamanic practices, and has studied with many teachers. From his early childhood he was exposed to shamanism and shamanic practices in Mexico, he continued his studies with indigenous teacher throughout South America. He has had the good fortune to study with some gifted teachers such as Michael Harner, Frank Natale, Robert Ghost Wolf, Starr Fuentes, Berret Eagle Bear, Mary Parker, Hellen Bony, Jackie Small, Linda Wolf, Marcel Vogel and more.

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