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Addie Kania, Certified Hypnotherapist

Adeline Kania


6 Farmington Ave., Haverhill, MA 01832
Haverhill, MA 01832
United States
T: 978-374-9572

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Hypnosis gives you the Power to Change your Mind, Shape your Body, Boost your Confidence and Supercharge your Motivation! According to a University of Connecticut study, Hypnosis can double your success for Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change, recognized by the American Medical Association as credible therapy since 1958.

Hypnosis can help you to transform yourself, Mind, Body and Spirit.It can also can help you Release, Relax and Let Go of Stress.

Profile and Credentials        

Addie is a Board Certified Hypnotharapist and faculty member of the National Guild of Hypnotists International and received an "Exceptional Performance Award" at the 2004 and 2005 Educational Conference. Addie has achieved the designation od "Fellow" at the International Federation of Hypnotherapists. She is a workshop facilitator at "Circles of Wisdom" in Andover, Ma. As a trained addictions counselor and wellness consultant to Whittier Rehab Hospital, she provides nicotine dependency treatment and relaxation therapy for both staff and patients. Addie is on the Continuing Education Faculty at Northern Essex Community College and is co-author of the European Weight Loss System. www.DearAddie.com

Philosophy and Comments        

"You are what you think...with your thoughts you create your world." Buddha.

Hypnosis addresses negative thought patterns and behaviors that get in the way of living your best life. Hypnosis helps correct these problems ("programs") directly where they are stored-in the Unconsicous-and "resets" the internal mental program to achieve the desired result: to lose weight, to stop smoking, or have the confidence in yourself necessary to make a positive change. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool.

I know-- I stopped smoking in 1988 through Hypnosis!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday through Saturday 9-7pm

4-Session Weight Loss Progam This is for an individual session, 1Hr.

Group rates vary.

Smoking Cessation Program ($75 per session)

Weight Loss        

Stop Smoking        

Past Life        


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