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Jennifer Bloome



Eagan, MN United States
T: 651-295-4110






Anji is a company dedicated to helping women improve their daily lives by reducing the physical and emotional effects of stress through the use of the Relaxation Response, Guided Imagery, and Energy Work. Examples of some of the conditions exacerbated by stress: Infertility, Painful Periods, Menopausal symptoms, Insomnia, Headaches, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Illness (Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes, Irritable Bowel, Fibromyalgia, TMJ), Chronic Pain, Lacking in Life Direction, Low Self-Esteem, Fear of trying something new, Weight Issues, Low Immunity.

Profile and Credentials        

Jennifer R. Bloome, MS OTR, HWC, is the President and Founder of Anji. Jennifer is an Occupational Therapist, a Health and Wellness Counselor specializing in Women's Health, and a certified Energy Practitioner. She has trained at Herbert Benson's Mind/Body Institute in Boston MA and with Possibilities. Jennifer has spoken at both the national and local levels on the effects of stress on fertility, pregnancy, and other general women's health issues. - Using Guided Imagery as a tool to help anxious Moms - International Lamaze Conference, September 29 2002, Pittsurgh, PA - Experiencing Guided Imagery & The Mind/Body Connection: Alternative Therapy to Compliment Treatment Regional Conference January 25-26, 2002 : "A New Year: A New Hope" hosted by Conceiving Concepts, Louisville, KY - Experiencing the Mind-Body Connection Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association 2002 PCOSupport Conference May 30-June 1 2002, Minneapolis, MN - Seminars in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on effects of stress on health: General Mills, Naas Chiropractic, Healing Touch Chiropractic, Childbirth Collective Jennifer's Labor and Birth preparation CD has been reviewed and selected by Lamazeā„¢ International as a leading resource in childbirth and early parenting.

Philosophy and Comments        

I am passionate about Women's Health. As women, we are asked to manage multiple priorities and roles. We thrive on the excitement and are filled by nurturing others. Yet, we tend to not focus the same energy on ourselves. Often when we do turn the focus on ourselves, it is with a critical eye. "I shouldn't have eaten that.";"I'll never be able to have a baby.";"If I were only a size 6, then I'd be happy." But, the truth is we DO deserve to be happy and healthy and have a fantastic quality of life. The stress and the emotions that come with a full plate impacts our daily health and ability to enjoy day-to-day living. Because health is not just about your physical body, good health is about having balance and making choices that work with our own needs and wants. I feel very strongly that we, as women, need to take the time to turn the focus on ourselves. After all, if the caregiver is empty, how can we nurture others? When was the last time you nurtured yourself?

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I offer one-on-one services, group classes, and Teleclasses. I offer an ongoing Relaxation and Guided Imagery practice group in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Please visit www.AnjiOnline.com to browse the CD selection. Journey of the Heart is a CD series designed to complement a woman's journey from conception through delivery. General Relaxation recordings are also available. Need a custom recording? Work directly with Jennifer to create a recording that meets your goals and uses only language that is significant for you.





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