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Carol Ferrante Smuckler



Forest Hills,NYC, NY 11375
United States
T: 718 261 4066




Carol Ferrante Smuckler


Carol Ferrante Smuckler is a knowledgeable,empathetic,interactic therapist who has had over 16 years practicing and training. In a safe,relaxed environment--depression,anxiety are lifeted and there is room for your gifts to shine and and to enjoy life Carol sees adults,adolescants,children,individuals and couples...she has experience in a range of problems,such as eating disorders,anxieties,trauma and abuse,recovered substance abusers,couples counseling,and more Her approach is a unique supportive one geared to the needs of the individual/s She uses traditional "talk therapies" as well as the use of art materials to give voice to feelings and experiences....reasonable fees

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker Training in psychotherapy art therapy psychodrama member--New York state clinical social workers

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