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Pamela Norman



Southwest Missouri
Willard, MO 65781
United States
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My work centers around Native American Sprituality and Wellness. I work with seekers to find a fulfillment and purpose within themselves through offering a Shaman Apprentice Program. I also offer healing sessions with crystals, herbs, and chakras. I am certified Reiki 2 and can also work on the individual for healing in this realm. I offer crystals/stones for individual needs and healing. I do individual divination in finding answers to questions or inner guidance through the form of tarot and the runes.

Profile and Credentials        

RN/BSN with 23 yrs experience in medical,surgical,gyn,ante-and post-partum nursing. Level 2 Reiki practicioner. Shaman's Apprentice of 5 yrs.

Philosophy and Comments        

Spiritual Wellness and Healing must incorporate the mind, body, and spirit. Using a holistic approach along with the use of natural herbs, crystals, and psychic healing with forms of divination and chakra clearing.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I often have the person email me with problems, situations, or personal needs. We then begin the process of what type of healing or healing work we will begin to achieve a wholeness. I feel this healing work is a gift and donations are accepted after the healer and the client agree on a plan for the needed services, advice, or healing process. I devote many hours to my clients until they feel they are satisfied. If the client lives within driving distance to my home; I can meet personally with them for a more individualized healing program. Sessions often will last for l hr or more if needed.





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