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Carmel Temple

Carmel Temple


1208 Pennsylvania Ave
Houston, Texas 77587
United States
T: 713-944-0014

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Carmel Temple is one of, if not the oldest, established Metaphysical/Spiritual churches in Texas. Free VISUALIZE WORLD PEACE stickers. Go to WWW.CARMELTEMPLE.ORG to get details or leave prayer requests. See also scheduled workshops on meditation, Reiki, Conversations With God, A Course in Miracles, and Transmission Meditation. Walk our 24-hour, well-lit, outdoor labyrinth. All events at Carmel Temple are presented on a free-will offering basis.

Profile and Credentials        

CELEBRATING 35 YEARS OF SERVING HUMANITY, EASTER SUNDAY 2005. TRANSLATED IN FIVE LANGUAGES.Commited to World Peace, AND BROTHERHOOD TO ALL. Provides VISUALIZE WORLD PEACE bumper stickers free. Provides meeting space in separate building for all at no charge No fees all work shops, events, functions presented for no fees. NO price tag placed on any course or instruction taught here. No collection plate passed at services

Philosophy and Comments        


To Provide: A safe, loving environment for people of all faiths to meet, to learn and to share the principles of truth that set us free.

To Create: A place in consciousness where we realize our possibilities under Divine love.

To Build: A focal point from which spiritual philosophies and information are spread to the world.

To Bring Forth: A new world dedicated to harmony, peace, brotherhood, fellowship and unconditional love for all mankind.

To Transform: Our planet into a heaven on earth.

To Nurture: Communication between all dimensions.

To Awaken: The God consciousness in all humanity.

To Affirm: That which serves the highest and best good for all.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


Carmel Temple on Line        

Carmel Temple is a quiet sanctuary far away from the outer world of seeming chaos. It is a place of peace, healing, study, teaching, meditation, love, warmth, and friendship. Carmel is a loving place made available for all seekers of the Light. In 1970, Charlotte and Richard Sigler were led by their inner guidance, through meditation, to build Carmel Temple, as an instrument of enlightenment, healing, and especially love, which would be brought to many. And it continues to fulfill that mission.

Different Guest Speaker each Sunday

Reiki with Jo Long        

Jo Long is a Reiki Master Teacher, ordained minister, feng shui artist, consultant and workshop leader in Houston Texas. She has her Bachelor of Science Degree in Art and a Master of Science Degree in Biology. After concluding a successful career in technical sales, Jo has offered her experiences in the book she authored, Employing Spirituality in the Workplace. Creating true prosperity has allowed travel all over the world, visiting many spiritual sites. That prosperity has allowed early retirement in order to follow a spiritual path to teach Reiki at Carmel Temple. Keeping with Carmel's practice: TO NOT DEPRIVE ANYONE FROM A TRUTH TEACHING DUE TO LACK OF FUNDS, REIKI ALONG WITH ALL OTTHER MODILITIES, IS TAUGHT ON A NO FEE, LOVE OFFERING BASIS. Being extremely busy with her travels, Jo continues with her regular scheduled classes. Additionally, she conducts a on going, (the last Sunday every month) Reiki review and study session, which is open to ALL Reiki practitioners, city wide. A popular speaker at Carmel, one of her favorite topics is: "What is a Love Offering."

Doctrine? NO DOCTRINE        

Carmel Temple has regular services each Sunday morning at 11:00 A.M., featuring guest speakers—both local and international—embracing all worldwide philosophies and thought systems, who share with us their perspectives and experiences. The only criteria are that the message be of a positive nature and helpful to those who hear it.

Carmel Temple regularly presents speakers on inspirational subjects. We do not necessarily endorse what they may say and it is up to the listener to accept or reject or shelve. New ideas and new personalities are always interesting and can stimulate thinking. Most philosophers insist, however, that TRUTH lies WITHIN, and it is well to remember the words from Browning’s poem:

“TRUTH is within ourselves; it takes no rise from outward things, whate’er you may believe. There is an inmost centre in us all, where Truth abides in fullness.”

What is going on        

Carmel Temple has many interesting events scheduled. In addition to the Sunday service at 11:00 A.M. in the Sanctuary, a time of Quiet Meditation and The Healing Circle, with group sharing, are held every Wednesday night at 7:30. Regularly attended by a dedicated group of like minded individuals. For details of all scheduled events, please click the following links, for our Guest Speakers, Ongoing Events, Special Events, and Future Events listings. That information is updated weekly and gives detailed information about speakers and ongoing, special, and future events at Carmel.

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