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Chanda Nancy Berlatsky


Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
T: 928 862-2244


Each of us has a personal story to share, and my story, directed me to seek a reason, purpose, and understanding of my life circumstance. After years of being focused on the external world, my soul journey led me to seek the Inner World so that I could sing and dance to my own song. I was divinely guided to Meditation, Spiritual and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Therapy based on the work of Dr. Michael Newton, Spiritual Counseling/Mentoring, Shamanism, Soul Retrieval, Akashic Records, Angel Therapy®, Theta Healing, DNA Activation, Reiki Energy Healing, and more. Each brought greater clarity and healing to all levels of my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.

These disciplines helped me to achieved a more balanced and harmonious integration of my mind, body, and soul, which resulted in the relief of physical symptoms, the erasure of lifetimes of karma, and the restoration of a peaceful state of mind. It is my belief that they can assist you as well.

I grew into the understanding that all wounds, large and small are sacred and that there is no need for shame. Our wounded-ness is the way-shower to our healing and our true nature. It teaches us compassion, love, and admiration for the courage that is required to face our challenges.

My mission is to help you heal your sacred wounds so that you will remember that you are a magnificent, powerful being…a Child of Light.

Profile and Credentials        

I have been studying vibrational healing and meditation techniques since 1971. I am an ordained metaphysical minister; hold a Master of Theology, Doctor of Divinity, and Ph.D. of Metaphysics. I am certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioners ®, Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Life Between Lives Therapist based on the work of Dr. Michael Newton, Past Life Therapist, Transpersonal and Spiritual Hypnotherapist, Crystal Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Coach, 12-Strand DNA Activation, and Co-Founder and Master Teacher of the Akashic Records Integration Process® and Akashic Records Therapist. I served as a metaphysical minister in two new age churches and worked as a hospice chaplain.

Since you are unique and special I may combine several healing modalities based on your personal needs. You may find that you are drawn or guided to a specific healing modality. That is because it provides the best pathway and opportunity for your healing and enlightenment at this time in your lifetime. In my opinion, all paths lead to healing, understanding, and spiritual advancement. This is with humor I say, “That’s why there are 31 favors.”

Philosophy and Comments        

My calling is to help you remember that you are a truly magnificent, unique, and powerful being. You may not realize it, but your amazing gifts enrich not only your life but the lives of all you touch with your presence.

To fully realize and demonstrate your gifts, there are emotional and spiritual parts of you that must heal. You are not alone. We all come into this life to heal so that we can remember who we truly are.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I schedule appointment by phone. I offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation by phone prior to scheduling your first appointment. I live in the beautiful and spiritually based community of Sedona, AZ. Clients travel from Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Prescott and other parts of Arizona. Others travel from Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, Utah, Washington, Washington, DC, Canada, India, and UK. I travel to Asheville, NC, Muskegon, MI, North Hollywood, Los Angeles and throughout the Southern California area. Some of the work I do can be facilitated by phone. If you are interesting in sponsoring a trip to your community of friends and family, please contact me for further information at 928 204-0075.

Fee Schedule

Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring - $125.00 per session.

Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal/Spiritual Hypnotherapy - $125.00 per session.

Initial Past Life Regression - $275.00 per session - 2 1/2-3 hours with initial intake

Additional Past Life Regressions - $200.00

Live Between Lives Regression - $450.00 - 3 1/2-4 hours. *One Past Life Regression is required prior to the Life Between Lives Regression. This may be scheduled with me or another certified. hypnotherapist.

Akashic Records Readings - $125.00 per hour – Can be conducted in person or by phone.

Akashic Records Integration Process Workshop – Includes 2-Day Workshop, 1 Akashic Records Reading, and Two Follow-up conference calls - $595.00

Angel Readings and Healing with Angels - $125.00 per hour – Can be conducted in person or by phone.

12-Strand DNA Activation - $125.00 - Can be conducted in person or by phone.

Reiki Energy Healing - $125.00 per session

Reiki Initiation: 2-Day Workshops - All workshops require attendance

Level I - $300.00

Level II - $350.00

Master Level - $500.00

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call 928 862-2244 or click on the Contact Member button to contact me by email at namaste444@earthlink.net by email at namaste444@earthlink.net


What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a relaxation process by which you access the deeper levels of your consciousness and Soul memories.

How is it done?

Past Life Regression utilizes hypnosis (see Hypnosis). Through the use of hypnosis, guided imagery, and other relaxation techniques we can bypass the more critical functions of your conscious mind and access the subconscious mind which contains all of the memories and events of your Soul’s journey from birth, to death, and eventual rebirth. Once you are in a hypnotic state (deeply relaxed) is easier connect with your higher self and higher perspective.

What motivates someone to seek a Past Life Regression?

• Some approach Past Life Regression with an attitude of curiosity, “Have I ever led a past life?” Or, “I wonder if I have ever been famous in another life?” And for others, “I think remembering a past life might be another source of entertainment.”

• Others approach Past Life Regression seeking reassurance that life does not end with physical death. They hope to find that the human experience is eternal and no one is ever lost.

• And others are searching for a deeper understanding of who they are in relationship to the cosmic experience. They seek reconciliation between their physical existence and their Soul identity. They desire to make sense of the physical world around them, and then, to integrate their earthly experience with the spiritual existence of their Soul Self.

What is attained?

Remembering a past life can be entertaining and satisfying to your casual curiosity. And most definitely, you will come out the experience with a sense of the eternal nature of your Soul and the Soul’s of others. It is reassuring to know that your life expressed itself long before you entered your present life expression, and it will continue long after you drop your present life and body. You will also glean information that gives you a deeper understanding of your physical existence and your cosmic experience. It will be easier for you to reconcile your physical existence with your Soul identity. You will recognize that just as you incarnate as a unique and distinct physical being, you also incarnate with a unique and distinctive Soul identity. All of these insights from the more mundane to the more extraordinary bring benefits. The answers provided by your curious inquiry or to your more existential questions will bring you reassurance and a deeper awareness about yourself and others.

Some overall benefits:

• As you rediscover aspects of yourself from other lives and other times you will recognize that you are an eternal being.
• You will experience yourself as a multidimensional being.
• You will better understand the purpose and dynamics of your current relationships with family members and friends.
• You will be able to heal and release physical, emotional, and mental attachments lingering from your past life selves and associations.
• The insights that you will glean from your past life journey will add greater strength and purpose in your present life.
• You will emerge from your session with a deeper connection to your physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual Self.


Many experts in the field believe that present life conflicts, anxieties and problems often originate from traumatic events in our former lifetimes. These traumatic events in our past lives are explored and resolved in past life therapy, so that healing can take place in our present life. By exploring the emotions and physical sensations associated with a crisis in your present life, you can locate the source or origin of your problem. This often leads to the discovery of a memory and event in a past life, usually traumatic, or pain-filled. I guide you through the traumatic episode in that past life, and progress you through the death experience and into an expanded state of awareness and higher perspective. From your higher perspective you are able to resolve any remaining emotional issues, any unfinished business, or karma from that past life. We integrate the insights and wisdom gained from your past life self and experience into your present life situation. This gives you a new perspective and often alleviates or greatly diminishes the challenges in your present life because of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing that has taken place. Past Life Regression Therapy usually requires a series of regressions dependent on the number and seriousness of the issues presenting.

Past Life Regression and Past Life Therapy can be done by telephone. Call 928 862-2244 to schedule an appointment.


Based on the inspiring work of Dr. Michael Newton author of Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Life Between Lives-Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression. I would like to express my profound respect and gratitude for the generous spirit of Dr. Newton. I consider him to be a Master Teacher and a mentor with impeccable integrity in both his work and as a teacher. He selflessly dedicated much of his life to this work for the benefit and betterment of humanity. His presence and his discoveries regarding our existence between lives have blessed and enriched the lives of many including my own so I extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Michael Newton.

In 2002, I dropped everything with only a week’s notice to prepare, and traveled to Virginia Beach to attend a Life Between Lives Therapist training under the direction of Dr. Michael Newton. My higher self knew I had to attend this training. After completing all certification requirements, I became a certified Life Between Lives Therapist. I am a past board member of the Society for Spiritual Regression founded by Dr. Newton, and an Advisory Committee member for The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives-Hypnotherapy. I have participated as a Teacher Assistant during two training conferences and I attended the Instructor Training in Chicago, IL in September 2007. For a limited time you may watch series of fascinating interviews with Dr. Michael Newton on the subject of Past Life Therapy-Life Between Lives at www.youtube.com/user/monaszy35

Many of us have questions about life and what lies beyond it. What is my purpose on Earth? Is there a "Spirit World, Afterlife, or Heaven"? What is it like and what happens there? Is there a Judgment Day and rewards and punishment meted out accordingly? Will I be reunited with loved ones? Spiritual Regression helps people find answers to these questions, and brings healing, clarity, and a deep sense of meaning and purpose to our life in the here-and-now. During the 3 to 5 hour long Spiritual Regression session, you will revisit the Spiritual Life that exists between your physical lives. Here we will review the course of your Soul’s journey, and evaluate the actions and the choices you have made over lifetimes of experience. Through this process, you will come to recognize your challenges, lessons, and your gifts, and realize the unique contributions that are yours to make in your present life.

The main focus of Spiritual Regression or LBL is the re-experiencing of the Soul-state of life between your earthly lives. Spiritual Regression does make use of Past Life experience, but primarily as a means of entering this in-between life. In the process of gaining entry to your Soul-state experiences, you are regressed to the life immediately or the most significant past life preceding your current life. You are then progressed in time through the death experience of that previous life and into the Spirit Realm of life between lives. Some of what you can except during and after your Spiritual Regression:

• Meet your Primary Guide
• Reunite with your Soul Family
• Soul Directed Guidance
• Understand your Soul Purpose
• Expanded sense of Meaning and Purpose
• Recognize your Special Gifts in this lifetime
• Learn why you chose your Present Life Body and Family
• Enhanced Relationships
• Greater clarity and resiliency in the face of life challenges
• A greater sense of understanding, forgiveness, peace, harmony, unity, and love toward self and others

Requirement: One previous Past Life Regression which may be schedule with me or with another certified Hypnotherapist.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call 928 862-2244 or click on the Contact Member button to contact me by email at namaste444@earthlink.net


CLINICAL HYPNOSIS simply put is a profound state of relaxation with focused concentration. When we are sufficiently relaxed, hypnosis bypasses the conscious or egoic mind. The conscious mind is that part of your mind that is continually active and alert as we progress throughout our day-to-day activities. The conscious mind helps us to organize our daily activities such as work, tends to our physical and emotional needs, protects us from perceived dangers, draws from our life experiences to enhance our productivity and success, and attempts to make practical sense of the world around us. In order to accomplish this, the conscious mind will evaluate, judge, critique, sort, organize and file, protect, compete, and jockey to accomplish what it perceives to be a successful outcome to mundane and practical affairs. This is a highly beneficial and desirable function as we navigate throughout our daily lives. The conscious mind or ego, however, is not the best charge for matters of the heart or our spiritual or soul journey since most often the guardian of our physical survival does not necessarily recognize the wholeness and inherent perfection of our higher self or the higher self of others, or the deeper connection to the collective Oneness of All.

Hypnosis is similar to meditation in that both aspire to create a peaceful and creative state of mind and both reach an altered state or trance state of consciousness, but hypnosis goes beyond this goal, and utilizes this peaceful and creative state of mind to generate profound changes in our lives. When the right state of relaxation and receptivity are achieved through a series of relaxation exercises and guided imagery, the hypnotherapist will give predetermined suggestions that are constructed and formulated by the subject. These suggestions aide and support as each individual achieves his or her desired goals.

Most people achieve a state of hypnosis with relative ease. Even those who are resistance to the hypnotic state with practice can learn to relax their conscious mind’s monitoring defenses. A hypnotherapist cannot make you violate your own moral, ethical beliefs or self-interests. This makes for a good story line, but it only happens in novels and the world of entertainment. In truth, you actually have more control in a hypnotic state than in an ordinary state of mind because the mind chatter of the conscious mind is greatly diminished. You are much more in touch with your inner feelings and innate wisdom.

During your hypnotic session, you will experience a heightened sense of awareness as your conscious mind remains alert and receptive to suggestions. Like walking down a beautiful, peaceful pathway, hypnosis allows you to align with your true beliefs and goals. This is your point of power. I am here to support and help you create change, improve the quality of your life, and become fully actualized.

Useful applications of hypnosis:

• Stress
• Smoking cessation
• Improve health
• Fears/phobias
• Pain management
• Insomnia
• Weight loss
• Motivation
• Public speaking/Public performance
• Relaxation
• Improve concentration
• Enhanced creativity
• Guided imagery
• Fear of Flying
• And more

TRANSPERSONAL HYPNOTHERAPY or SPIRITUAL HYPNOTHERAPY is a form of hypnosis which promotes healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. This transpersonal and spiritual approach to hypnosis assumes that we function on three levels – Mind, Body, and Spirit. It presupposes that there is a higher self or a higher awareness and consciousness separate from our mind and physical body. It recognizes that we possess a spiritual awareness that guides us through our life experiences and lessons whether we are consciously aware of it or not. It seeks to uncover this higher awareness and bring it into consciousness. It understands that there may be a spiritual purpose for underlying maladies and malaise. There is no judgment in the previous supposition, but rather a sincere desire to approach and uncover the rhyme and reason for our life challenges from a higher perspective, and to assist us in our development, and to learn and heal at a deeper level in an enduring manner. At the heart of transpersonal or Spiritual Hypnotherapy is the belief that as connect with our higher awareness we are transformed. As we transform, we are empowered to create the life we envision for ourselves.

A Transpersonal/Spiritual Hypnosis technique utilizing regression and inner dialogue techniques can transform the wounded inner child into a powerful adult. It can provide a bridge that connects you to all levels of your being-ness. Other techniques can transform anger and bitterness into forgiveness and love. It can transform dysfunctional relationships into loving relationships or help to bring one into a peaceful resolution. Some help you to understand the origins of illnesses and assist you in your healing. It is important here to state that healing does not always translate into a cure. Healing can mean coming to a deeper understanding, or a peaceful recognition of the purpose for the lessons. Transpersonal/Spiritual Hypnotherapy in a sense provides a path of ascension and enlightenment when used to connect with your Spiritual or Soul nature. You can your connection to guides, angels, Higher Self, Divine Wisdom, Creator, God, or whatever you hold sacred by any name you choose according to your personal beliefs through transpersonal/spiritual hypnosis. The transformational possibilities are endless.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call 928 862-2244 or click on the Contact Member button to contact me by email at namaste444@earthlink.net



Have you ever had the experience a loving presence that could not be explained? Heard a voice that warned you of danger? Heard your name called out as you are falling asleep or just prior to waking up? Have you seen a light or lights or something passing by you out of your peripheral vision? Have you been attracted to angels and angel items all of your life? When you were a child did you believe in and perhaps even see angels, fairies, and special friends? Do people sometimes refer to you as an ‘angel’? Answering yes to any of these questions may well mean that you have been in touch with the angelic realm.

I am Certified Angel Therapy Practitioners® and personally trained by Doreen Virtue. Doreen Virtue who is famous for her many published angel books and angel cards as well as for her Angel Therapy Practitioner courses held in the United States, and throughout the world. Angel Therapy® is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with your guardian angels, archangels, and spirit guides to heal and bring into harmony and balance your life. I align my energy so that it harmonizes with the frequency of the Angelic Realm and your angels. Once this harmonizing process is completed we can receive your angel’s message of love, healing, and reassurance. Your angels also help you to more clearly connect to the Divine Guidance from the Creator and your angels long after the Angel Therapy® session is finished because they will attune you to their vibration. Angels are just waiting for you to ask for their assistance. They want you to hear their messages, and to receive their divine assistance and healing.

While angels are ready to answer all sorts of questions and offer healing in every area of your life rarely will they predict the future. This is because they are wise enough to know that your free will and choice can alter the course of events in your life at any given moment. Questions like “Will I meet my soul mate?” or “Will I write a book?” or “Will I win the lottery?” are seldom answered. Angels serve as guides that will help you understand the source of your relationship challenges, past and present, and help you to understand and heal the underlying causes. Angels will help you to gain insights into your writing and help you to better define what it is that you have to say to others. They will assist in bringing more prosperity and abundance into your life with specific tools.

Angels also love to channel healing energy by directing energy to cleanse and release negative or stuck energy in your chakras or energy centers and then energize these life force centers with positive angelic healing energy. They can revitalize your energy level and teach you to care for your own health – how to become your own healer. They are willing and ready to send energy healing to your family and loved ones as well. It is no coincidence that those who are attracted to angels seem to be healers and Lightworkers even if they do not consciously acknowledge these gifts within themselves - yet.

Angelic Message from Archangel Arial, "Angels love to help people grow. We need someone to talk to us, to ask us questions and seek guidance. We listen for your voice and thought vibration all the time. We are in everything you see and all that surrounds you. You are a part of us and we are a part of you, birthed equally through our Divine Creator. You will know we are near when you feel a warm sensation or a breath across your cheek, when you see a feather, are prompted to follow a hunch, when you feel invisible arms that seem to lovingly enfold you, when that inner voice warns you of unexpected danger, and in those moments when wisdom, love and inspiration flow to you. These are just of few of the ways we make our presence known to you."

Consultations can be done by telephone or in person. For additional information or to schedule an appointment or workshop, please call 928 862-2244 or click on the Contact Member button to contact me by email at namaste444@earthlink.net


In the mystical philosophies of India, “Akasha” literally means SKY. It also means space which distinguishes it from the sky directly overhead and the space existing throughout our galaxy. In the larger context Akasha possesses a still greater meaning: Cosmic Sky which is not limited to intergalactic space but also space on a higher vibrational level. This definition also includes space in the loftier dimensions of life, the afterworld common to every religion, the source from which creation flowed, the domain of the Divine.

Reference to this place known by many names can be found throughout the ancient tradition of India, Egypt, China, and in the religious traditions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, and many indigenous cultures. In modern day, the term Akashic Records is used to describe this spiritual place and is most often associated with the great works of Edgar Cayce. While in a self-induced state of hypnotic trance, Edgar Cayce was able to access the Records and channel information to others for the purpose of healing and understanding with enormous success. This was possible because the Akashic Records are a spiritual repository, which contain the story of all creation, all primordial substance, as well as your soul’s journey throughout all times, all forms, and all dimensions of existence. The history of your soul's journey, every word, every thought, and every deed are recorded in the Akashic Records.

Although Akashic Records Readings are intuitive in nature they should not be confused with a psychic reading. They go far beyond the scope of a psychic reading. To open your Akashic Records, I align myself with Divine Source through the Akashic Records Integration Process®. Healing energies are then channeled to you from your Record Keepers which create and support positive effects on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. These healing energies also assist you to balance lessons and karma of your previous incarnations and your present life through the insight and wisdom of your Record Keepers. Through this resource you are able to access a greater vision of your purpose, your abilities, your relationships, and your creativity. The Record Keepers are part of your Master Healing Team, and they are eager to further advance your healing process, your spiritual evolution and ascension process.

I am Co-Founder and a Master Teacher of the Akashic Alliance® and the Akashic Records Integration Process®. If you would like to attend a workshop on “How to Open Your Own Akashic Records” or sponsor a workshop in your area please contact me for further information.

Akashic Records Consultations can be done by telephone or in person. For additional information or to schedule an appointment or workshop, please call 928 204-0075 or click on the Contact Member button to contact me by email at namaste444@earthlink.net


I often wonder how any of us can truly heal in the absence of a spiritual path. Spiritual does not mean religious although many have found spiritual depth in their chosen religious path. SPIRITUAL counseling is a mentorship program where I become your spiritual coach. I help you to define your spiritual path; determine what gives your life meaning; assist you to develop your healing and intuitive powers; discover your life or soul purpose; create an open space for forgiveness, compassion, love and mind, body, and spiritual wholeness in your life. This type of counseling focuses on the heart, and awakening the healing powers within.

I recently read this quote by Pablo Neruda, "We must pass through solitude and difficulty, isolation and silence, to find that enchanted place where we can dance our clumsy dance and sing our sorrowful song. But in that dance, and in that song, the most ancient rites of our conscience fulfill themselves in the awareness of being human." This is what Spiritual counseling and mentorship is all about.

Spiritual counseling and mentorship can be done by telephone or in person. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call 928 862-2244 or click on the Contact Member button to contact me by email at namaste444@earthlink.net


REIKI - My personal experience of Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is that Reiki is expression of unconditional, Universal Love and Light. What I feel as I am giving Reiki to another is an overwhelming sense of joy, bliss, and love, and recognition of the sacredness of all life. I feel a deep, loving heart connection whenever I give Reiki to someone. Most of my students share this realization. Reiki has helped me to step outside myself. This allows me to be in touch with the unconditional, Universal Love and connection I have with my clients, loved ones, and all of creation. When my heart opens to this truth, I become a clear channel for the healing energies of Love or Reiki. This is something that each one of us is capable of doing. To open our hearts to another is to become powerful channels for healing. We are all healers and Love or Reiki can be our teacher.

A practitioner of Reiki can use a laying-on- hands method to channel the Reiki energy to a recipient or send the Reiki energy long distance to a recipient because, like prayer, Reiki transcends time, space, and matter. This method of healing was developed and named Reiki by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan. In Japanese “Rei” means spirit or holy, and “Ki” is translated to mean energy. One literally interpretation of the word Reiki is Spiritual Energy. Dr. Usui referred to it as Universal Life Energy.

From a practical standpoint, Reiki is a form of energy or vibrational healing. Reiki differs from many other energy healing systems because it is non-directional. Reiki goes where it is needed without any direction from the one who is giving reiki. The practitioner is a channel for the healing energy, but the healing is directed by this universal life energy or any other name of your choosing, and the recipient’s body and Higher Self. Reiki connects with the ultimate source of healing at all levels. This means healing occurs at the mind, body, spirit levels. The healing that each of us receives is especially for our needs. For some a complete physical healing can occur. (It is always wise to continue with your conventional medical treatments and use Reiki as a way to support your mind, body, and Spirit through your healing process). Healing occurs on many levels, in many ways, and never more clearly was that demonstrated to me, when a nurse came to me for Reiki. She was in the most advanced stages of cancer, and what she was seeking not a physical cure. She was seeking peace, loving support, and a resolution to a family secret that had fractured her family and separated her from her daughter for years. Following her Reiki session that night she and her daughter were fully reconciled. She made her transition peacefully with her daughter by her side three days later.

Dr. Usui did not really discover this Universal Life Energy. He rediscovered it in the early 1900s, and developed a very simple method of teaching others to channel this energy which he named the Usui Shiki Ryoho method. This Universal Life Force Energy has been called by many other names in many different parts of the world. Some of the names for this energy are Holy Spirit, Prana, Ki, Chi, Elan Vital, Orgone, Bioplasmic Energy, Mana, and Magnetic Energy. Reiki is both a healing system and an enlightenment system. Reiki compliments and supports all spiritual practices, but it is not a religion. Anyone can learn to give or receive Reiki regardless of their beliefs. Dr. Usui taught many students Reiki throughout Japan including Chujiro Hayashi who eventually taught Reiki to a Japanese-American woman named Mrs. Takata in that late 1930s. Mrs. Takata went on to teach many students Reiki in the United States including her granddaughter, Phyllis Furumoto. Phyllis Furumoto later formed the Reiki Alliance and claimed that unless a student of Reiki was taught by her or her graduates, they were not legitimate Reiki practitioners or teachers. Thankfully, over time this assertion has proven to be incorrect because everyone can become a channel unconditional love and universal life energy. Today Reiki is practiced and widely taught in the USA and throughout the world.

The applications for Reiki are unlimited. Reiki compliments and supports allopathic medicine in all forms, and traditional counseling. It goes with other forms of alternative, holistic therapies such hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation, chiropractics, acupuncture, massage (Reiki is not massage), crystal therapy, chakra balancing – just about anything you can think of. Once you have been initiated into Reiki, you can Reiki yourself, loved ones, children, friends, pets, plants, and all other living things. You can reiki your food, your home, workplace, car, the earth, and anything you can think. You can even reiki your checkbook. If you are sending something important by mail, you can reiki that as well. If you have a job interview, a dentist or a doctor appointment, or any other meeting or appointment, you can send Reiki to that place or bring it with you. After all, what you transmitting is the energy of unconditional love and light. I truly believe that Reiki is both transpersonal and transformational.

Western Version of Dr. Mikao Usui’s Five Reiki Principles or Ideals which guide the Reiki Practitioner/Teacher:

Don’t get angry today.
Don’t worry today.
Be grateful today.
Work hard today. (Meditative or spiritual practice)
Be kind to others today.


According to the legacy of Dr. Usui, Reiki is taught in three or four degrees or levels depending on the school or the Reiki/Master Teacher. The difference in degrees occurs at the Third Degree. The third can be divided into Third Degree (3a) and Third Degree (3b). Greater detail is given in the Third Degree description. I teach the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method. Since Reiki first arrived in the USA different Reiki schools have formed with titles such as Karuna Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Essene Reiki, Varja Reiki, and Crystal Reiki to name a few and they include additional symbols. Who knows, maybe in time you or I will develop another style of Reiki with our own unique symbols and philosophies, but for now I choose to teach the Traditional USUI SHIKI RYOHO method.

Description of the degrees or levels:

1st Degree – Also called Reiki Level I. You receive class materials which teach you the history of Reiki, the Reiki Principles, the 7 energy centers, hand positions for self-healing, and hand positions for your family and friends, pets, food, liquids, and plants. You will receive four attunements which are conducted in a private and sacred manner. These four attunements will complete your initiation into Level One Reiki. Generally speaking, this level focuses on self-healing and transformation. At the end of the attunement process, your hands will be an open channel for the Reiki Healing Energy. Level I thought to heal on a Physical level while others believe that Reiki heals on all levels. Everyone from the young to the old can benefit greatly by Level I.

2nd Degree – Also called Reiki Level II. The 2nd Degree teaches the three Reiki Symbols and the student is given additional private attunements. These attunements will complete your initiation into Level

Two Reiki. Some conceptualize Reiki Level II as being a deepening of the Reiki experience and a greater commitment to Reiki. The 2nd Degree is considered the practitioner’s level and you will be able establish a Reiki practice if you so choose after completing the 2nd Degree. The Power Symbol, Mental/Emotional Healing Symbol and the Distant Symbol are taught, and their meanings and applications. You will be given more information to assist you in incorporating Reiki into other areas of your spiritual practices and healing practices. Level II is thought to heal on an Emotional level, while others believe that Reiki always heals on all levels.

3rd Degree – Also called Reiki Level III. 3rd Degree is the Master/Teacher Level of Reiki. Reiki Level III is thought by some to heal on the Spiritual level. This level deepens your spiritual and meditative practices, and strengthens your Reiki energy.

The Usui Master Symbol (empowerment symbol) is taught and you will receive the Master Level attunement. This attunement will complete your initiation into Level Three Reiki. The Usui Master Symbol completes the other three symbols taught at Level II. A greater commitment on the part of the student is required, and there is a bond forged between student and Master/Teacher. Some believe that the Reiki Master/Teacher transmutes some of student’s karma at this level. You will receive the Master Level attunement and will be taught how to initiate others into Reiki using the attunement process. You are given the opportunity to practice its application, and learn how to teach others. Generally, it is felt that a Reiki Practitioner should be utilizing the Reiki Healing Energy for a period of 6 months to a year before receiving the 3rd Degree Master Level attunement. This is a decision that only the Reiki Master/Teacher and student can make. Once a student has become the Reiki Master/Teacher it is recommended that he/she work with this new energy for a period of one year before initiating others into Reiki. Internal guidance will let the Reiki Master/Teacher and student know when the time is right.

3rd Degree can be divided as follows:

3rd Degree (3a) – At this level you will receive the Master Level attunement and symbol. This level is for students who wish to deepen spiritual and meditative practices, and strengthens the Reiki energy.

3rd Degree (3b) – You will be taught how to initiate others into Reiki using the attunement process. Again, you are given the opportunity to practice its application and how to teach others.


You are unique, and special; and in accordance, your Angelic Healing is divinely guided for your healing process. Together we connect with the beautiful Angelic Kingdom, focusing our “group” energies on bringing into consciousness certain blocks and old pattern from your present or past lives which slow down your soul growth and healing.

This non-invasive therapy places you in a relaxed state as hands are placed on your chakras (energy centers). Working with each chakra, we lovingly guide you to the area of blocked energy. We empower you to heal yourself by becoming aware of your own blocks, where they have originated from, who is involved in the drama with you, and what lessons are being learned and shared in the process. This energy can then be release at the cellular level leaving you free from having to repeat the same lesson(s. And, Angels love to work with Reiki healing energies. After all, Reiki is love.

This powerful work has proven effective in cases of chronic pain and dis-ease. It is also a powerful tool to achieve greater spiritual alignment and greater ability to access your Divine Purpose. So if you are ready to transform your life, Angelic Healing may be for you.

Reiki and Angelic Healing must be done by telephone or in person. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please call 928 204-0075 or click on the Contact Member button to contact me by email at namaste444@earthlink.net
This is powerful workshop that teaches the student how to use crystals belonging to the quartz crystal family. Information on the crystal properties and the chakra system are taught. During a 7-week cycle students learn in-depth techniques to heal on mind, body, and spirit level. This course comes with a manual and certificate of completion. Taught by teleconference or in-person. For more information contact me by email at 928 862-2244.


As an ordained metaphysical minister, I feel it is an honor to participate and witness the joining in union of couples, blessing and celebrating a new life, honoring the transition of a loved one, blessing and clearing a home, and all other Ceremonies and Rites. Ceremonies and Rites are essential part of our growth and healing as human beings. They help us to tell our stories, and acknowledge our journeys. I am pleased to see that many of us returning to sacred ceremony. For too long it has been forgotten in our culture. Whether we are celebrating, grieving, or passing from one stage of life to another, Ceremonies and Rites help us to gather an energy of love, celebration, or support from our own community during the many milestones that leave an imprint on our lives.

I am available to perform Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Holy Unions, Baby Blessings, House or Home Blessings, House or Home Clearings, Dissolving Ties That Bind, Coming of Age Ceremonies, Wise Woman Ceremonies, and many others. I will help you to create a ceremony that tells your story in a special and unique way.

For additional information or to schedule a consultation, please call 928 862-2244 or click on the Contact Member button to contact me by email at namaste444@earthlink.net.

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