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Profile and Credentials        

As a Medium, Channel and Messenger for the Universal Consciousness, I am offering my services to all who seek answers.

Making it my life long mission and dedication to help all those in need of spiritual enlightenment and awakening, I created this site as a Gateway and Portal to the Universe.

Opening the Books of Knowledge, I will be providing you with answers about your past lives and the present. Seeking and finding for you the status of your Twin Flame / Twin Soul and the time of reunion is only one of the services I offer concerning Twin Flames / Twin Souls.

I can channel for you, all the details and facts about the Divine plan concerning your spiritual life as well as your mundane life.

Helping and guiding you in finding your own Path, I come to you as the messenger for the Universal Consciousness and Source providing Soul Coaching and Spiritual Coaching.

Come take the journey back to new beginnings with me, find answers about your own connections to the Universe. Find your milestones and stepping stones for a brighter future; along the way, open your own portal of light and take a step closer of walking through your light gate.


Twin Soul Reunions        

What is the difference between a Twin Flame and a Twin soul ?

This question has come up several times when I talked about my own experience living with my Twin Flame / Twin Soul.

The major difference is that Twin Souls are always romantically involved and carry out their spiritual mission together. Twin Flames reunite to fullfill their mission and can be romantically involved, but in most cases they are not.

Custom Crystal Grids        

Custom Crystal Energy Grids made by Cirrias
To manifest for you:
Twin Flame/Twin Soul Reunion
The perfect life and more

Philosophy and Comments        

We can heal our world with love and light

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

By Appointment Only
Please see my web site for scheduling

New Items coming soon        

There are several new items being added to my website store. I wanted to give you a sneak preview here. If you interested in buying any of these items please contact me from my profile page here on the Network.
Please visit my website www.cirrias.com
and http://twinflamesbycirrias.weebly.com/spiritual-store.html

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