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The Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies has taken the wisdom of 5000 years and translated it into an easy to understand system for teaching this art & science. Since 1992,the school led the way in teaching holistic health modalities to the public. Today, the school offers a variety of certified courses and programs revolving around Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, as well as Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Essences and Western Herbology. CIHS provides concise information taught in a clinical setting to adult learners.
Students may also elect to take an educational program in China that incorporates the study of Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese Medical Massage called Tui Na or Herbology) in a Beijing hospital with cultural touring as well.
A nationally accredited Home Study Program in Chinese Herbology is also available for those who would choose an independent, yet fully supported, learning experience.
Laura Mignosa, nationally certified Herbalist, provides appointments for care,is a national lecturer on Chinese Herbs and provides Chinese herbal formulas to treat cancer, arthritis, worms, and urinary tract crystals in pets as well.

Profile and Credentials        

LAURA MIGNOSA,AADP,NCCH: Laura is a Nationally Certified Chinese Herbologist who is both Western and China trained. She is the director of CIHS since 1995 and travels yearly to China for study and to expose her students to the culture and clinical training of Beijing hospitals. Since 1996, Laura has worked with UCONN Medical Center's Oncology Department as well as other major hospitals in the area.In addition to her work at the school, Laura is a national lecturer, designs Chinese Herbal formulas for Pets and works as a consultant on Chinese Herbal Formulas. Her private practice is maintained at the school where appointments for care are taken.

Philosophy and Comments        

Chinese Medicine is my passion and life-long study.The wealth of knowledge I receive both in China and the United States yearly, enables me to share this affordable, safe and effective medicine with all who seek it.
I work with my patients to achieve their goals for health, based on Chinese herbs and intention for change. Each person moves forward toward that change, step by step,in a supportive and comfortable environment,without judgment.
Hope is Medicine! Intention brings Change! I see a world that will seamlessly integrate Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine together as it is practiced today in China. It is my intention to promote this change thru education & hope. (Original art by Tony Haze of San Francisco)

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Herbal Evaluations are made to accommodate a working person's schedule. Appointments can be as early as 9AM and as late as 7PM.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of wellness that must be veiwed over time. Much like the peeling of an onion, the body responds to the formulas provided and gradually works to create a balance. Each evaluation will reveal a change toward wellness and new formulas may be prescribed to treat that change.
In view of this, a Fee of $250.00 is required for 3 visits within a month(the first being about 1 hour)and all herbal formulas needed to help restore balance to the body.There after, the cost of herbs(approx.$1.50 -$2.00 a day) and a monthly $25.00 revisit charge is applied. A Course of Treatment is typically 3 months, but results may be seen in as little as 1 week.


CIHS offers a Certified Chinese Medicine Theory & Herbology Home Study Program for an independent, yet fully supported approach to learning the 5000 year old tradition of Chinese Medicine. A student enrolled in any of our courses will receive CDs of the information covered in our classes, punctuated by clinical experience which makes the study come to life. Detailed outlines of the material covered and handouts to facilitate note-taking are also included. In addition, all students will have access to experienced TCM practitioners and Chinese Herbalists as tutors online and by phone, when questions arise. A final exam/review with case studies will help determine satisfactory understanding before next module is provided for study.


The CT Institute of Herbal Studies offers the opportunity for individuals to TRAVEL to CHINA and experience the essence of this country before it is lost forever.
Our Cultural Tours are made each November and are NOT your typical GROUP tour!The Itinerary can be seen at our webpage: WWW.CTHERBSCHOOL.COM.
Enjoy 16 days in China( 12 days in Beijing & 4 days in Xian, Home of the Terra Cotta Solidiers) from October 31-16, which includes non-stop Air from JFK, Transfers, 5* Luxury Hotel, many meals and sight seeing for $2635.00, plus taxes.
We also offer the opportunity to TRAIN for 5 days at the Xuan Wu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to study Herbs, Acupuncture, or Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage)FOR $420.00.

PET THERAPY/ Chinese Herbal Formulas for Pets        

PET THERAPY ~ The First and Most Comprehensive Chinese Herbals for Pets since 1989. Until that time, pet owners had not been able to protect their animal companion with natural Chinese herbs. Today, we have PET THERAPY® which is committed to providing the most comprehensive treatments available in Traditional Chinese Medicine. NOTHING else is added, making it a completely natural treatment formula for your pet. All products are VETERINARIAN APPROVED and work fast while being safe and effective.They are formulated in small quantities to ensure freshness & quality control and are totally free of pesticides, heavy metals, or contaminants. We produce formulas to treat the western diagnosis of urinary tract crystals (our most sought after product that both maintains and treats acute cases), tumors, agitation, worms & parasites as well as arthritis. Further information on PET THERAPY is available on our webpage www.ctherbschool.com



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