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Ron Holman



21050 Vanowen Street
Canoga Park, CA 91303
United States
T: 8182515209


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Diamond Ron


Master Talisman Maker: Magical and Energetic Powers.

Spontaneous Remission Facilitator:

NLP Master Teacher:

Profile and Credentials        

Spontaneous Remission Facilitatior both hands on and remote healing is possible. There are hundreds of proscesses. In the end all is Energy and Vibration. Recognizing that vibration, alligning with IT and asking for healing produces the result.

Licensed Marriage & Family Coundelor:CA
CEO of Managed Care Company:Nationally. My company has contracts with over 500 corporations that have 500,000 employess/dependents. The CAVE is INN the mainstream, in this day in age.

Married to,LINDA, the Love of My Life since 1974. One daughter born 1975, kept raport continuously, through teenage years through to present.

Philosophy and Comments        

Each one is an apparent individual because our true nature is really ONE. Our true nature is all that IS, WAS and Will BE simultaneously. In recognizing THAT reality, the facilitator recognizes the vibrational quality desired. Once the 'individual' recognizes that vibrational quality within, the job is done.
There are many ways for the individual to perceive, experience and understand so as to take delivery. All ways are valid to the individual because the LIFE is experienced individually.
Establishing a comfortable atmosphere by using techniques and language that is familiar is necessary and the bases of respect for what is.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday through Saturday (as available)
$100 and More.
Hourly, Fixed Fee, Special Orders.





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