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Douglas Lovett



1834 Snake Hill Road
Chepachet, RI 02814
United States
T: 401-556-8781
F: 401-764-0526


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Lovetts Fine Arts


Lovetts Fine Arts & Design is a sole proprietership that caters to business owners seeking art for their establishment, art collectors and art enthusiasts that need a personal artist to provide unique custom art for them from an idea or a photograph they may have or artistic renderings of model homes for real estate companies. Douglas R Lovett of Lovett's Fine Arts & Design has art for sale and is dedicated to excellence and satisfaction with a "money back' guarantee. I can do the following:
paintings of fine art, custom art, abstract art, acrylic, oil & watercolor, landscapes, portraits, pen and ink drawings, architecutral renderings, and murals.

Profile and Credentials        

Douglas R Lovett III of Lovetts Fine Arts & Design is a fine artist and desigenr originaly from Louisiana who was born painting and has been since he could pick up a brush. He studied under Jo Firmin (One of Louisiana's Finest Master Artist. Doug has been producing art for sale for over 20 years for various clients in over 15 States. His works are sought after by abstract enthusiasts and have proven to be good investments for his current client base.

Philosophy and Comments        

My philosophy is "if my customer is happy, Every body is happy!" because I guarantee my work to customer satisfaction or I paint until you are satisfied". I am so confident about my work that when I provide a quote for an art project, I never go beyond the quote and I donot stop touching up the work until I get confirmation that my customer is satisfied.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My hours are 8:00 a.m, to 6:00 p.m EST Monday through Saturday.





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