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Equinology, INC


Animal Massage: Equine and Canine Body Worker certification courses.

All courses and certification levels are taught by veterinarians and specialists. Massage, advanced massage, anatomy, biomechanics,saddle fitting, myofascial release, acupressure, craniosacral, exercise physiology and more. Take an individual module or an entire certification series. Students welcome from other programs with the desire to continue their education and become leaders in their fields. Since 1994

Now offering online courses in nutrition and nutrition soon to be followed by online anatomy, dentistry and first aid.

Massage for Horse Owners online TBA in late 2009

Profile and Credentials        

Recognised credits towards CPD points by the McTimoney Chiropractic Association, NCBTMB and IEBWA approved.

In 2004, Equinology, Inc® celebrates 15 years of excellent education in equine body work and health care and continues to set the standard for this popular profession and now offers the same for canines!

Equinology, Inc ® and Caninology are companies dedicated to providing quality courses in horse and dog health science and care. The curriculum is developed and constantly revised to interest the practicing professional as well as those just beginning their studies in various equine and canine health fields. Our satisfied students include veterinarians, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, trainers, grooms, barn managers, owners and those who have no previous horse experience. Care has been taken in choosing instructors and subjects that will enhance, review and expand your knowledge in your particular equine field. All the courses are taught by veterinarians or specialists in their fields. Students searching for continued education required by their state will find what they need through Equinology, Inc ® and Caninology. For those working towards certification, we've outlined an ideal program to enable students to practice at their full potential. It is not our intention that you take all the required courses through us, in fact many of you have already fulfilled some prerequisites. Individual workshops are one day to three weeks in length. Most courses, except selected specialty classes, are offered at least once a year.

Equinology, Inc ® and Caninology have earned respect in the field because of our dedication to turning out well-prepared students and because we offer continuing education. We encourage you to consult graduates from the various institutes so that you may choose the best avenue for yourself. We emphasize a strong background in anatomy, enabling the student to work and converse with confidence in their profession. Our testing of each individual progressive certification level insures that we attract the serious, analytical individual and that we turn out the best prepared Equine and Canine Body Worker.

Philosophy and Comments        

If you are serious about being a leader in the equine health care and body work field, please consider Equinology for your educational needs. You will find these courses presented in a healthy environment with encouragement for growth.

World-renowned Instructors

At Equinology, Inc ® we strive to produce the leaders in this ever challenging field. Veterinarians and specialists who are household names from around the world teach our 30 various courses. Our instructors keep up with the rapidly changing information in the equine health industry to make sure our students evolve and stay current in this wonderful field.

Multiple Certification Levels

Courses at Equinology, Inc ® are presented in modular formats. For those who continue to the Master (MEBW®) level and the Specialized Certification series, the total hours add up and go well beyond a 2-year course. In addition to our Equine Body Worker (EBW®), Equine Body Worker Level II (EBWII®) and Master Equine Body Worker (MEBW®) certifications, we offer an additional 4 Specialized Certifications consisting of Equine Acupressure, Equine Myofascial Release, Equine Natural Therapies and Equine CranioSacral Techniques. Although these courses are available for everyone to participate, to be officially certified by Equinology, Inc ® one must have attained either the EBW Level II or the MEBW certification.

Recognized by Multiple Organizations

Equinology is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. Equinology's courses are approved and recognized by the International Equine Body Workers Association (www.iebwa.com), United States Dressage Federation University, UK's McTimoney Chiropractic Association and the Society of Osteopaths in Animal Practice.

Monitored Externships

We go the step beyond a “business” education service through our compulsory externships that accompany each course. We provide a set of guidelines for each externship so that students can build on and assimilate all the information from each course. Then, we test for each level of certification. Student performance is closely monitored. We are proud of our name and our graduates. With a 95% externship pass rate (80% is required to attain the certification in both practical and theory portions of the externship), successful graduates are extremely well prepared as equine body workers.

Courses Suitable for Professionals and New Students

The Equinology program is aimed towards serious students who strive to be leaders in their chosen profession. Our courses are regularly attended by professionals such as veterinarians, physical therapists, human massage therapists, equine massage therapists, trainers, barn managers, and chiropractors as well as those who are just beginning their studies. The courses are taught in such a comprehensive logical format, that individuals with little or no complementary equine care and science background will find themselves up to speed with the other professional participants as long as they have good horse handling skills and understand equine behavior.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please go online for books, course descriptions and registrations: www.equinology.com

or www.caninology.com

Office hours are M-F 9am-1pm.

(707) 884-9963 or write office@equinology.com

Canine Massage Certification        

In addition to our great equine courses, we began the canine massage certification courses in 2005 for Canine Body Worker Level I (CBW®). We offer these courses in the true Equinology spirit; they are all taught by specialists leading the industry.




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