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David F. Cuccia, D.C.



227 Jackson Ave.
Syosset, NY 11791
United States
T: 516-364-1717
F: 516-364-1998


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David F. Cuccia, D.C.


Comprehensive Chiropractic Care
Upper Cervical Specific and Full Spine Techniques
M3D™(Multi-Directional Disc Decompression) utilizing
EXTENTRAC® ELITE for Low Back Pain,
Sciatica and Disc Herniation

Profile and Credentials        

Dr. David F. Cuccia, D.C. graduated NY Chiropractic College, with honors, in 1980. He brings over 20 years of clinical practice experience and knowledge of current professional health care needs, during which time he has developed a proprietary therapeutic technique known as M3D™(Multi-Directional Disc Decompression).
Dr. Cuccia is the inventor of a non-surgical device which allows advanced treatment applications and proprietary procedures, achieving great results for his patients. He is the holder of 5 patents for the device known as the EXTENTRAC® ELITE. He is the President and Founder of Advanced Back Technologies, Inc., a manufacturing company which produces the revolutionary Extentrac® Elite. Dr. Cuccia's technique and treatment device are rapidly gaining recognition worldwide.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe in combining the best of traditional techniques with new treatment advances.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Mon. Wed. Fri.
10-2 5-8





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