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Charlene Weaver


Washington State/ Arizona, United States
T: 1-800-868-1916
F: upon request


Charlene P. Weaver is director of the Feng Shui Academe and principal of the Feng Shui Design Group.

The Feng Shui Academe ( http://www.fengshuiacademe.com ) is dedicated to providing authentic, undiluted Black Sect Tantric Buddhist feng shui knowledge to the public.

Although the Academe does not teach the traditional methods we have done our homework and highly recommend Synergy Feng Shui ( http://www.synergyfengshui.com ) as the best of the best for your traditional feng shui needs.

The Feng Shui Design Group ( http://www.fsdg.net ) provides consulting services across the U.S. and Canada. Associates practice either the Black Sect or Traditional methods and are considered to be leading professionals in the field

Charlene personally provides consultations for homes, businesses, community developments and new constuction builders in Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Profile and Credentials        

A student of the art of feng shui since the early 90's, Charlene has studied extensively with His Holiness Professor Lin Yun, Grandmaster of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist feng shui. Additionally she mentors with Katherine Metz and Ho Lynn Tu, two of the Grandmasters most senior students. Her curriculum vitae may be viewed at http://www.fengshuiacademe.com/cv.html.

From 2000 to 2009, Charlene studied with the only traditional teacher professing to carry the authentic lineage of feng shui masters in China. While others unknowingly teach and practice "yin feng shui" which is feng shui used to set up tombs, the Blue Dragon lineage practices only "yang feng shui" which is used specifically for houses and businesses.

Philosophy and Comments        

Feng Shui from the perspective of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism is the most widely practiced form of this art in the U.S. and Canada.

Whether choosing this method or the traditional method please do your homework and investigate anyone professing to practice the art of feng shui.

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Remember: Feng Shui does not tell your future - it 'creates' your future!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please feel free to email questions or comments at any time. Telephone calls will be returned within 48 hours of receipt.





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