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Feng Shui Studios

Jana Schneider


Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 19046
United States
T: 2155721650
F: 2155721650


Jana Schneider is the energy source for Feng Shui Studios. Jana integrates her academic accomplishments, creative and personal experiences with holistic healing when working with clients. Her compassion and insight enhance assessments and trust of her clients. As Jana assists them in bringing life concerns into focus, she gently empowers them to move beyond obstacles using Feng Shui and various techniques including space and chakra clearing, thetahealing, yoga and breathwork. Jana’s interest in assisting others has grown into a career, as well as a personal lifestyle of learning in love.

Profile and Credentials        

Having acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Fine Art, Jana also holds certifications in Feng Shui, Interior Decorating, Holistic Psychology, Yoga, Professional Organization and Thetahealing.

Jana served as a board member for Shambhalla Institute and holds professional membership with the International Feng Shui Guild since 1996. Most recently she took a Feng Shui Pilgrimage in China expanding her ability to create harmony and healing environments for those she serves.

Philosophy and Comments        

Feng Shui Studios serves with vibrant, compassionate insights to promote greater awareness of Feng Shui in the community. While assisting individuals, groups and corporations to manifest the energy necessary for a greater understanding of their existence, Feng Shui Studios contributes love and balance while awakening positive consciousness.
The mission is to create a gentle path to encourage those seeking vision to see the full spectrum of possibilities in their lives.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Flexible scheduling, onsite and telephone consultations available.
Ask Jana what tools might work best for you. She'll ask a few pertinent questions, open her tool box and offer one or more that will assist you in creating the life you desire.





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