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David Flinkman



1015 Old Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21221
United States
T: 410-238-0400
F: 410-238-7562


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G & G Paint and Drywall


Specializing in Apartment Prep work. Apartment Painting. Custom Painting & Full Drywall services from hanging to finishing. Associated with (River Stone Remodeling MHIC # 75242)We can offer a full line of remodeling as well as contracting needs.

Profile and Credentials        

Owners: Rodney Geisler, David Flinkman, Darrin Geisler.

Philosophy and Comments        

Any job big or small we will do it correctly or not at all! Customer satisfation guatanteed!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Office Hours Monday - Friday 7:00am 4:00pm Weekends by appointment only
Fee : Residential, 1/3rd down and the remainder either in scheduled payments or at the remainder of the job
Fee : Commercial 30, 60 or 90 day depending upon contract.

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