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Sherry Kachanis


PO Box 25
Greenville, RI 02828
United States
T: Toll Free 877-241-2506
F: 401-404-5456

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Current Services:

Reiki & Healing
Phone or in person Intutive/Psychic/Mediumship Readings
Spiritual/Personal Coaching
Gemstone Therapy
Workshops & Classes
Speaking Engagements
Offering Magickal & Spiritual Products at www.wiccanglade.com

Profile and Credentials        

Sherry Kachanis is a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Practitioner, Melchizedek Method Pratitioner, Intuitive/Clarivoyant/Medium Reader, Ordained Minister, Entrepeneur, Educator, and Spiritual/Personal Coach. She also holds an Associates Degree in Business Management and has over 19 years of business experience.

Sherry uses gemstones and crystals in her Reiki practice, in addition to using them in ceremony & meditation. She is energetic and passionate about educating and empowering others.

Philosophy and Comments        

We all have the inherent ability to heal ourselves. It is my honor and pleasure to assist others in healing and awakening their spiritual awareness.

When we remember and understand that we are all connected, that all paths lead to one, and that the greatest power we have been gifted with is LOVE, there is a shift within us. This shift opens us in so many ways.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


Reiki/Gemstone/Chakra/Aromatherapy/Hot Stone Treatments:
30 min $35.00
60 min $65.00

Long Distance Healing:
30 min $35.00
60 min $60.00

Intuitive/Clarivoyant/Medium Readings:
30 min $35.00
60 min $70.00

Spiritual/Personal Coaching: (Phone or In-Person)
30 min $30.00
60 min $55.00

Variable schedule, but usually have fair amount of flexibility.

Please contact me with your questions or to schedule an appointment 401-349-4679 or by email: info@wiccanglade.com.





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