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Hiawatha Cromer



7881 Columbia Highway
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
United States
T: 517-663-1637


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Genesis Health Ministries


Advocating and teaching the Ann Wigmore Living Foods Lifestyle which encompasses the use of wheatgrass, lightly fermented foods, sprouting, indoor and outdoor gardening, colon health and connecting with the healer within. Telephone consultation is available regarding application of the Living Foods Lifestyle and the establishment of Living Foods Lifestyle support groups in your area.

Profile and Credentials        

MSW Wayne State University Former Director, Creative Health Institute, Union City, Michigan Current Director of Assembly of Yahweh Wellness Center. Author of "Recipes and Instructions for the Living Foods Lifestyle". Developer of Genesis Health Ministries Home Health Seminars

Philosophy and Comments        

Individuals must take responsibility for their health if they desire optimum wellness. There is a correlation between what we eat, what we think, how we act and the level of health that we experience.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Week days, 9am until 5pm Telephone Consultation: $1.00 per minute. Detoxification Program: $600.00 per week, includes instructions, meals, and accommodatons.





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