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Sherri Devereau



NW Phoenix Area
Phoenix, AZ 85053
United States
T: 602-896-4191


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Intuitive Eyes


Intuitive Eyes Guided Meditation Classes.
Create Your Own Reality & Awaken Your Intuition!
Set of six classes designd to awaken your intuition and assist you in creating your own reality. Every class is designed to flow into the next class and awaken the student up to the world of possibilities around them.

Profile and Credentials        

Intuitive Guide & QiGong Master of Healing Energy. I have been teaching guided meditation techniques for more than 15 years.
I was trained in Baoding, China under Master Wang Juemin in the art of QiGong healing energies. QiGong is an ancient form of healing using the chi energies.

Philosophy and Comments        

Class 1 - Introduction to Guided Meditation (GM)
Class 2 - GM & learn to work with chakras and the energy of colors.
Class 3 - GM & working with crystals, energy, & dowsing.
Class 4 - GM & listening to Higher Self, guides & channeling.
Class 5 - GM & working with dreams both waking & sleeping.
Class 6 - GM, Learning QiGong meditation & putting all the classes together to create your own reality.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Classes available weekdays, weeknights and Saturday mornings. Class cost is $10 per class. Six classes per session. Pay per class you attend.

Chakra Jewelry        

Charka bags, bracelets, & pendulums for sale during class hours.

Quartz Crystals        

Quartz Crystals mined in Arkansas. Crystals are for sale during class hours.



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