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Kathryn Radi



W289 N8509 Northbay Rd
Hartland, WI 53029
United States
T: 262-538-1018


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Kathryn Radi, Co-Founder Foundation for a Healthy Ameri


I am a grass-roots activist, who's mission is to help people become more aware of thier health. Health can be defined as "when the body acts as it's supposed to to heal itself". Join me in this plight!! Our society is being brain-washed by big drug companies who come into our homes, telling us which drugs we need and why. I suffered incredible trauma from withdrawal from a very common prescription drug. I spend an entire six weeks in physical hell. After experiencing this nightmare, I decided to dedicate my time to telling people about the lies we are being fed by big money making entities. Our group meets every Saturday to discuss these issues. We are also marketing an all-natural health beverage in order to give people a different health option.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a grass-roots natural-health activist. I have a degree in Philosophy and minor in Marketing. I am taking my talents and dedicating my time to creating an awareness in our society of the fact that big money companies are not working to increase your health, they are working to increase thier wealth. The prescription drug world is criminal. Let's fight this! There are much less-expensive natural remedies available for wellness.

Philosophy and Comments        

My philosophy is to create awareness in our society of how big money drug companies are not on our side. They are out for thier wealth. Let us band together!!! We can work as a well-oiled machine to fight the brain-washing that is happening in American Society!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I have a 24 hour a day store to purchase a revolutionary new health product. http://gethealth.natureswellnesssecret.com





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