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Mary Abrams



112 West 27th Street, Ste. 400
New York City, NY 10001
United States
T: 212-206-7542


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Moving Body Resources


Moving Body Resources offers creative programs in Continuum Movement and supports other practices that address the wellness, fitness, and self-healing appetites of the 21st-century human being.
In all our programs:

We recognize that our feeling processes are essential in developing more efficient, dynamic and sophisticated flows of communication within ourselves, and with other humans, other species, and the entire living planet;

We acknowledge that at all levels of our existence we are movement;

We strive to create environments for individuals and groups to feel supported in self-reflexive explorations;

We search for endless ways to develop more physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual coherence.

Space Rental at MBR        

MBR has wonderful spaces and we'd love to have more healing and moving going on here day and night.

MBR has 3 office spaces available by the hour and by the day, and 2 group spaces for one time, day, weekend, or ongoing rental.

Our 3 offices are perfect for a variety of private practice sessions. Our 2 group studios -- 400 sq. ft. and 1300 sq. ft. that are great for classes, workshops, and other group events.

The more you rent, the better your deal!
Office rates begin at $26/hr in 2013.
Please inquire for daily rental rates.

Movement studio rates range from $40-$120/hr.

Call Michelle at 212-206-7542 mail box 2
Email: services@movingbodyresources@gmail.com

Please note: If contacting out of hours or at short notice please email rather than call.

Profile and Credentials        

MARY ABRAMS is a teacher and visual artist who explores and expresses movement in many forms. In 1997 she began creating a body of work which she calls Biomorphic Dreamtime Drawings. This is the name for her creative vision through which she percieves the body and mind as one organism. Her curiosity inquires into the transformational effects that breath, sound and fluid movement have on the human organism.

Mary is authorized to teach Continuum Movement founded by Emilie Conrad. Through Continuum Movement Mary creates environments for people to access their own abilities to innovate new expressions of movement.
Mary's creative process is also highly informed by her study and dialogues with Susan Harper in her Em'Oceans & Sensations and Dreamtime/Web Vision trainings, and Dr. Gary David in Espistemics and Affect Psychology.

From 1981-1999 Mary choreographed and taught creative movement in New York City, along the East Coast, in the Mid-west, and in India. She holds a B.A. in Dance from St. Olaf Collage.

Biomorphic Dreamtime Drawings range in size from 3x5 to 17x24. They can be viewed by private appointment with Mary Abrams, at Moving Body Resources in New York City and on the internet at www.movingbodyources.com.

Philosophy and Comments        

Vision Statement
The vision of Moving Body Resources is to promote the development, well-being, and creativity of humans as we exist in concert with all that lives on this planet. Through innovating creative communication practices and self-reflexive skills, we aim to contribute in valuable ways to the development of the human species. We also aim to create and maintain a decentralized business structure with strength and compassion that is able to thrive long into the future.
Our Mission
The mission of Moving Body Resources is to build and support environments for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of people of all ages, races, and abilities. This will be achieved by teaching programs in creative expression, somatic movement education, and meaning-making processes; by creating a space for colleagues in these fields to teach and practice; and by consulting people on how to find resources for these activities in areas all over the world. Moving Body Resources aims to be a model organization utilizing and growing sustainable business practices that enhance healthy human relations and contribute to the biological well-being of the regions local to its programs. Our financial goals include increasing revenues from space usage and sponsored programs each year to fully cover operating costs of the business. When revenues exceed operating costs all profits from space usage and sponsored programs will return to support growing the vision, purpose, and principles of the business.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Mary offers a variety of Continnum Movement classes and workshops in New York City and other places in the USA.

She offers private sessions for $135.

Please call 212-206-7542 or email mary@movingbodyresources.com for a schedule of events.

Art work by Mary Abrams -- Biomorphic Dreamtime        

Biomorphic Dreamtime Drawings are the direct expression of feelings, territories, and dimensions I explore through breath and movement. I call these pieces biomorphic because they are associated with and affected by, the experiential process of living form. When I am breathing, moving, and drawing, I navigate many states of consciousness, which I can also describe as many states of dreaming reality. The richly complex shapes and layers of my drawings evolve into larger forms. I wonder, do thee shapes, layers, and colors form the dreams I dream of my body's form, or are these the dreams of my body dreaming me into form? Or perhaps, the drawings are both activities happening simultaneously.

MBR Practitioners        

Practitioners and Activities at our studio include:
Continuum Movement
Emilie Conrad's Jungle Gym Workout
Em'Oceans & Sensations
Craniosacral Therapy
Body-Mind Centering
Energy Healing
Massage Therapy
Body Centered Psychotherapy
Tai Chi
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Come and Enjoy:
Bodywork or healing therapy with an in-house practitioner
Take a two-hour weekly group class
Luxuriate in an intensive day long or weekend workshop
Spend time by yourself in the studio to explore your own creative, sensual, healing impulses as they ebb and flow in your unique living being
Who participates in the programs of Moving Body Resources?
• People of all ages who seek a new creative alternative to the gym and other movement forms.
• People experiencing physical restrictions and who seek a complement or alternative to traditional forms of physical therapy and exercise.
• Dancers, yoga, and fitness practitioners who wish to explore non-patterned ways of moving to enhance their practices.
• Health and somatic practitioners who want to expand their sense of potential for more creative personal experience.
Space Rental
Bodywork offices and group workshop space are available by the hour & day.
Get more information here, or call 212-206-7542 for rates & scheduling.

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