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Mary Willard



Nine Mile Falls, WA United States
T: 509-465-4534




Energy & Relaxation Therapeutics


Energy & Relaxation Therapeutics is a gentle and profound energy-based bodywork that is soothing, rapid, and remarkably effective. It is a blending of Emotional Freedom Techniques,Reiki,and Energy Medicine. A session will deeply relax you, provide personal clarity & insight and help you to release emotional, physical and energetic holding patterns that cause pain and limitation in your life.

Phone sessions available. My clients would love to share their remarkable results with you. Expertise: Personal Growth, Stress & Anxiety, Trauma, Rape, Struggling Young Adults and Animals :) Namaste', Mary


Profile and Credentials        

What you are, the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world." ~ J. Krisnamurti

Mary has over 10 years of experience as a holistic therapist for personal growth, healing and wholeness within a private practice. She has a degree in counseling and is an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Reiki Master. Mary also attended the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute in Boulder, Colorado where she obtained certifications in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy.

Her work is a blending of mind body therapeutics and energy medicine which helps you address your wholeness, bringing peace and well-being to your emotions,mind, physical body and spirit.

Mary offers her work to you as an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Master Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and Ordained Minister.

Her areas of expertise include:

Emotional healing; working with your inner experience and perceptions; mind-body therapeutic practices, Jungian Complexes and Archetypes (developing inner resources), Retrieval Work (regression therapy, healing early childhood trauma, shadow work and dreamwork.)

Mary also conducts Workplace Wellness & Meditation workshops for business and community audiences.

Highlights of clients: Unity Church, Fred Pryor Seminars, Missouri, US Postal Serive and The Department of Health, Division of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Mary can be reached via phone at 509.465.4534 or email at mary@marywillard.com


Philosophy and Comments        

More About Mary

Mary Willard, Gifted Healer, Seer and Spiritual Teacher

I believe we all come into this world capable of being whole, of tending to our wounds in order to discover our beauty, our gifts and our joy. As we honor our hearts we discover the incredible beings we are meant to be.

My journey of healing and of heart began almost 16 years ago when my picture perfect life spiraled out of control. Thus began a new journey that required me to wander hungry, to be made sooty, muddy, and dirty, to wait, to walk in places that were dark in order to bring them into the light, to regenerate my inner sight, inner knowing, inner courage and the healing of myself. Upon my walk I discovered healing to be my passion and my gift. I am thankful to the incredible healers, teachers and clients who have graced me with their presence. Thank you…

I am dedicated to Spirit, to loving Self and to helping others re-discover, and unearth what they have lost, what they are seeking to find. I hold sacred, Mother Earth and her creations, we are one. I now dance through life with joy, especially with my best friend and love Baron and our 4 legged friends that go woof! May you remember to breathe, surrender, sing and howl at the moon. Namaste’.

What nourishes your soul?


Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Mary offers morning, afternoon and weekend sessions. In person sessions are $100 each for the first 2 sessions and then $85 per session.

Phone Sessions are $100 each for the first 2 sessions and then $75 per session.

I offer a 1/2hour complimentary session.


Emotional Freedom Techniques ~ Advanced EFT Practitioner        

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Experience rapid & remarkable results!

Emotional Freedom Techniques

How does it work?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the missing link to mind body spirit healing. Considered to be a leading edge energy therapy, EFT enables you to rapidly eliminate the root causes of emotional, physical and spiritual pain.

It is a form of emotional acupressure using the same energy meridians used in tradition acupuncture to treat physical & emotional ailments for over 5000 years, but without the needles. Instead, a simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy into specific meridians on the head, chest and elsewhere while you think about your speicific problem.

Through gentle tapping and specific touch, your body's meridian points and energy pathways are stimulated to correct disturbances and constricitons of your body's energy flow as you place your awareness on those specific issues and problems that cause you pain and limitation. Your problem could be a trauma you experienced, an addiction or physical pain. Added to the tapping, and awareness is a dialogue between client/practitioner dialogue that includes positive voice affirmations. These affirmations provide an anchoring, a new writing on the walls for you to move forward in restored balance which is essential for optimal health and healing of physical disease.

EFT restores and renews your body's bioenergy system, thus bringing you into balance for optimal health, well-being and the healing of physical pain, which is essential for optimal health and the healing of physical diseases.

Although you may be skeptical of the principles EFT is based on - the electromagnetic energy that flows through the body & regulates our health has been honored by Eastern Medicine for 5000 years. Recently it is becoming recognized in the West. There are 1000's of case studies documenting the profound success of this healing modality.


Reiki Master        


Hands of Energy and Light

What is Reiki? Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means ‘universal life energy’. Universal life energy resides in all beings and matter and in our physical bodies it is the healing light energy that maintains our energetic or bio-energy system. Air, breath, wind, vital breath, vital essence, the energy that sustains life.

In all cultures and religions there is a name or concept which corresponds to the meaning ‘life force energy’.

Chi ~ found in Chinese medicine

Prana ~ found in the practice of Hindu

Light ~ found in Christian teachings

What does it mean to be a Reiki Master?

Life wiggles! Everything in creation is vibrating. Energy is moving. All that is alive radiates ‘life force energy’ however a person who has received Reiki attunements or initiation as a Reiki Master has their body’s energy channels opened in a way that connects them to the Universe’s limitless source of Ki. It does not give the practitioner something new; instead it is simply opening up energy pathways that have always been there ~ similar to switching on a light.

These attunements force a practitioner to deal in depth with their personal emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain and limitations.

We all walk the path of healer and have access to the energy life force. Reiki attunements turn on the shut down “electrical switches in order to re-activate the full flow of energy life force. When our energy pathways are shut down they eventually create emotional and physical pain and discomfort.

What would I experience as a receiver of a Reiki treatment?

A Reiki practitioner will provide specific touch to places on your body or hold their hands over your body without physical contact. As they draw from the universe the‘Universal life energy’, they then allow it to flow through their hands to whatever part of your body they are touching. The life energy light force then is self-directed by your body to where it is most needed flowing to the deepest levels of your being, where illness and discomfort resides. It works wherever you need it most, releasing blocked energies, cleansing the body of toxins and working to create a state of balance.

Treatments reinforce your ability to take responsibility for you and your life, helping you to create and cultivate a happier, healther and a more joy filled life.

Reiki is safe, natural and a holistic way of treating many acute and chronic conditions, bringing about spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being.

How does the Life Energy Force Feel?

Remember a memory that brings you joy, happiness and a full heart… Feel the radiating love and lightness you now feel just by tapping into this memory. This is the life force energy moving through you freely, unrestricted, and flowing.

A Reiki Master is able to channel this energy to your body where your body’s own self-healing intelligence directs the energy to the deepest levels of your being, where illness and discomfort resides. It works wherever you need it most, releasing blocked energies, cleansing the body of toxins and working to create a state of balance.

Treatments reinforce your ability to take responsibility for your life, helping you to create change that empowers you to embrate a happier, healthier and more joy filled life.


Struggling Young Adults/Adolescents        

Helping Young Adults Move Beyond Coping

Windsong Healing & Coaching Sessions

Strength Honoring Self Empowerment

A windsong is your true song, something that cannot be read about or taught, only rediscovered through a journey that explores what it means to belong and to find your place in the world. When our children are depressed, hopeless and filled with self-loathing, they have lost there way.

Mary offers remarkable help in transitioning your son, daughter or loved one from despair and "just coping" to rediscovering an internal sense of strength, respect and self empowerment. Energy & Relaxation Therapeutics will help with the following:

Poor Self Esteem



Attempted Suicide


Sexual/physical or emotional abuse




"One Session with Mary will change your life!" ~Being in California

"Mary has worked extensively with my daughter who was diagnosed with Clinical Depression, PTSD, and had been hospitalized after a near successful suicide attempt. My daughter spent one month in a very expensive inpatient program and was “okay” but soon reverted to cutting and self-loathing as the result of an earlier sexual assault. After her first visit with Mary my daughter said it was better than the entire inpatient program. She continued to see Mary for many months, working through major and minor issues and reclaiming her life enough to recently set off on her own across the country." ~Thankful in Washington

Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing

Empowering and Healing


Personal & Spiritual Growth        

Living Life with Ease and Grace

Coaching for Conscious Creation and Personal Growth

Creating your day with intention requires you to show up and be present with heart, purpose and awareness. Daily we are invited to dance with the flow of creation energies.

Together, we discuss what it is you are wanting to create and then I create a plan that includes experiential exercises, healing sessions, affirmations and meditation techniques to empower your co-creation efforts.

Healing Sessions ~ As we address the pain and limitation in your life, emotionally and energetically you begin to resonate at a higher frequency, thus awakening your ability to consciously create with your higher soul self. You begin to erase the negative writing on your walls, replacing and anchoring your psyche with positive and life enhancing thoughts and beliefs.

Daily Meditation ~ As you listen in the silence you discover that which is truly important, heartfelt, joyful, and pure to your Being. You begin to co-create with intention when you understand what you do not want and resonate with what you do desire.


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