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Tony Tippler



Greer, SC 29650
United States
T: 864 905 4781




Ancient Sun Cults


We offer Spiritual Tours to Sacred Places. Learn about Ancient Civilizations, sacred geometry, symbolism and color therapy. Participate in daily Yoga, evening meditations, poetry and story telling, ceremonies perfomed at Sacred sites. Enliven yourself and awaken your soul awareness to the energies of Mother Earth and our Universe. Tours take place in Mexico, Pyrenees-France and Ireland

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“Tony Tippler has studied ancient civilizations throughout the past ten years. His extensive knowledge encompasses teachings from readings of great masters such as Rudolf Steiner, Jose Arguelles, Schwaller de Lubicz and Victor Schauberger to name but a few. Tony has dedicated his life to teaching people the path to spiritual enlightenment, including studies of Sacred Geometry, Kundalini, Color Therapy, Mayan Calendar and Symbolism. Always stressing the importance of incorporating ceremony into one’s daily life and living in the NOW. Tony now offers tours to Ancient Sites in the Pyrenees, Mexico and Ireland through his website www.ancientsuncults.com, drawing on these sacred energies to enhance our spiritual growth.

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