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Carl Ramesses McDonald


The New World Crisis CD is Adventurous,Playful,and Relentlessly Captivating
Listen to an Artist who throughout his years of legacy has
let his originality speak through his music.
Carl Ramesses McDonald latest release entitled "World Crisis" of fourteen Dynamic and Explosive tracks will certainly touch the depths of your heart,soul,and mind.

Profile and Credentials        

Born in Kingston, Jamaica. Currently resides in Florida. Attended Belle School of Music and Drama, London, England.

Herbert Bergoff School of Voice and Drama, New York, USA.

MUSIC: Carl McDonald aka Ramesses is primarily known as singer-songwriter. Without doubt an artist with Star Quality that brings a display of bright daring and joyful music. Carl has performed at venues throughout the United States, UK, South America, Africa and the Caribbean. Many people have grown to appreciate and respect the unique creative style and smooth voice of this sensational artist.

Carls first CD entitled African Countries released in 1997 on the famous Studio One label, working in affiliation with the legendary Sir Coxsone Clement Dodd as co-producer brought recognition to Carl also as Executive Producer. The first time in the Labels history that Studio One had changed its format to a new dimension with the African Countries released.

Philosophy and Comments        

Music is the force that binds us together regardless of our race, creed or color. Melodically we strive for universal harmony,

speak to me soft for my heart is so weary,so troubled i am by the world and its ways.

Through music, we will always be able to convey messages of hope and peace.

For hope is still alive in a world, that's plague with so many problems.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work Hour and Performing Fees are discuss during Negotiation

Music Reviewers        

Music Hits

Reviewer: Erasmo Almango of Hot 105fm Italia

This Cd by Carl "Ramesses"McDonald is a must for all lovers of good,original and creative reggae music.

One of the most Innovative Music.

Reviewer: Sunshine Music Network

Listen to a real Innovative colections of music,that will really touch the depth of your heart.

Carl "Ramesses" McDonald brings the message of respect for self and the beautiful faces we greet each precious day of our live stand and the need for communication with our fellow man and women. This CD is a must for your musical collection and of course your listening pleasure.

(Leroy Graham Jr. Chaxyquin Prod,Elmont,N.Y.)

Concert Photos in California        

Ramesses with Chris and Tina from the legendary Rock group Talking Heads.

Ramesses and Ziggy Marley        

Photo of Ramesses and Ziggy Marley at concert in San Francisco,California.

Ramesses Live in Concert Miami Beach        

Photo of Ramesses singing for the ladies on Southbeach aka Miami Beach.

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