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Shelly Brack



Sammamish, WA
Sammamish, WA 98074
United States
T: 206-619-3680
F: 425.868.0852


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Hand built expressive ceramic arts. Whimsical wall clocks, plates, bowls, mirrors and more. These colorful and whacky designs are embellished with glass beaded wires. Special orders may be available. Private parties, school projects and summer Kids Kamps!

Profile and Credentials        

Philosophy and Comments        

A northwest native and self-taught artist, Shelly finds inspiration from

childrens art unconditioned by a cultures ideas of aesthetics.

“Primitive innocence” best describes the multi-dimensions of her art. Fred Flinstone's Bedrock meets the twenty first century.

Her work is expressed out of a playful curiosity and child-like wonder.

Her art started out as a means for self-discovery and has since become

a way of life. indiviJEWEL is a token from her journey and was

realized through the excavation of herself. Living art is what shines

through and each piece is imbued with memory from the great mystery.

Tickled with humor and illuminated practicality are the ingredients

that make up each design.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call ahead for a studio tour and indivijewel sales. Summer Kids' Kamps run July and August 2005. Kamp is Monday through Friday, 10AM - 3PM. Cost is $220 for the week and includes all supplies, tools and a celebration lunch the last day. July 24-28, August 7-11 and August 21-25, 2006.

Private parties/ workshops, ladies night out, children & adult birthdays as well as office parties all are available and typically project and media based. Prices range from $35-$150 per person depending on media, project and the amount of days needed for completion. Most if not all materials and tools included with the exception of personal items used in for creation. Parties are scheduled as needed and must have a minimum of 4.

Community Service        

I love sharing creativity with others. Offering creative projects in the community is a way for me to connect with people and practice giving selflessly. I currently am active with the programs of the Eastside & Redmond YWCA Family Village, Sierra Dove Global Association and Arts in the Making.

Since 2002 I been a table captain at the annual YWCA's Professional Women's Luncheon raising funds for the YWCA Capital Campaign. Also participating on the committee for the Redmond Family Village annual Chefs' Fest and adopt a family program. I enjoy donating my own creations or services, procuring items for Chef's Fest silent auction and helping with table displays and set up. I also started a preschool art program at the Village. With the help of my friends, family and local students we were able to take weekly art projects into the pre school. Collaborating with other community members we're able to adopt a family at the Redmond Family Village. Our services for the family have been to generate school supplies and new clothing for the family at the start of a new school year, shop wish lists for a joyful and much celebrated holiday season, as well as clean, paint and recreate an apartment for a new incoming family to the Village. I also have enjoyed sharing ceramic art with families at the Village by creating Family Fun Nights, an evening of ornament painting and cookie decorating. I love bringing arts and crafts to others and sharing in the fun we create together by making art.

I also volunteer with Sierra Dove and Arts in the Making, a non profit organization that brings experiences to the homeless and at risk youth of Seattle. With a cast of dedicated volunteers and community talent we are able to bring experiences to the various agencies that allow an individual an opportunity for an experience of themselves unblemished and whole. Arts in the Making has provided me a doorway for continuing my to volunteer work at Seattle's YouthCare's Orion Center and PSKS, Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets. I enjoy bringing art projects to both agencies on a monthly basis. If you would like to join me doing art at either of these agencies, please give me a call 206-619-3680. Art is always better when it's shared.

Monthly meals are served at Orion center by a great cast of community members and friends. We create a monthly menu of home cooked food to feed the youth and staff at Orion. Each volunteer lovingly cooks from home portions of the meal while several serve. I must brag that our meals have become a top favorite of the folks there. Bringing the comfort of a home cooked meal not only feeds the body but the soul.

ARAS an acronym for Acceptance, Respect, Affection and Support. Bob and Mary Trask, founders of ARAS host an annual Harvest Festival for families who face daily socio-economic challenges. The event brings special services like chiropractic and massage care, hair cuts, clothing and holiday gifts. Together we were able to give hours of nourishment for body, mind and spirit.

Though my are children older now, one in high school and one in college I'm privileged to continue helping out with the many elementary schools in my community. Pottery projects are a popular fundraiser for these schools and with my experience and tools I am able to assist the parent volunteers with their ideas. I truly enjoy selfless service in my community. It allows me a place to exercise non expectation from an outcome and losing myself for the service of another. I found that the less me there is the more I can be and do in the world.

I recently volunteered at Foundation House, a retirement and assisted living community. While my grandma was once a resident my father continues his weekly lunch visits and has encouraged me to share my art there. We did a Valentine project of painting ceramic hearts. It was fun working with the elderly community and I look forward to more arts and crafts with them in the future.

See photos of some of my volunteer visits.

Learn more about my favorite places to volunteer by checking out their web sites.

YouthCare at www.youthcare.org

Sierra Dove at www.sierradove.org or onejozef.com

YWCA at www.ywcaworks.org

ARAS Foundation at www.arasfoundation.org

PSKS, Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets at www.PSKS.org




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